The Obamas Reveal How They Really Feel About '50 Shades of Grey' (VIDEO)

obamas talk 50 shades of greyJust about a month before Election Day, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will have something MAJOR to celebrate: Their 20th wedding anniversary! Let's give 'em a round of applause! Not only because they've made it two whole decades as married people (while some famous folks in this country can't seem to stay married much longer than two months ...), but because they really still do completely and utterly adore one another. But yeah, we all know that already. Old news. New news? They talked about Fifty Shades of Grey on Entertainment Tonight last week!

The First Couple have been approached with Qs about the sexy series before, individually, but not yet while sitting down to be interviewed together. And this time, their collective response to Nancy O'Dell's brazen inquiry was by far THE BEST yet!

Check it out ...

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They don't get to talking about Fifty Shades until the very end, when Nancy poses the burning question, but the rest of the interview is pretty darn cute, so it's worth watching, too!

Oh, I love them -- they're too cute! But alright, let's discuss. So, I definitely trust that the FLOTUS doesn't have the time to pick up E.L. James' raunchy read, but I wouldn't be surprised if Michelle has a liiiittle bit more knowledge of it than she lets on. Mostly because of the way she said, while smirking, "I think everyone has heard what Fifty Shades of Grey is about!" Uh-huh! I'd venture to guess she had someone on her staff read her an excerpt or two at one point!

At any rate, I feel like both Michelle and Barack have handled the media's interrogation about the series perfectly. Like Nancy said, they're good sports for even acknowledging her silly Q. And, by the way, if one of them had read it, do you think they'd ever actually admit that to the American people? NOOOO! After all, some regular Americans don't even want to admit that they've read it (or are reading it -- hello, most read e-book, um, EVER?!).

How do you think the Obamas have handled being questioned about Fifty Shades of Grey?


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Audra Emery-Wilson

I have to agree with the country going down hill the middle east on fire and who can forget the they alone want us dead.(which by the way proved that once) I would rather he speak of something that means something

wamom223 wamom223

Kimberly you did not just say that.  You did not just say that 50 shades of grey has an in depth story line.  Please tell me that was joke.  Please please please.  I am  a big time reader, and I'm fast.  I took down the Hunger Games series in a day and a half, and that's saying something because I'm a SAHM so I have to read when I can not when I want.  I have read all sorts of books from Romance to Mystery and it was the worst series I have ever read in my life.  First of all people in the NW do not talk like we live in England.  Second it was totally a sex book, and not a believable one at that.  If there are guys out there that are that turned on by a woman's period I didn't want to know about it.  Three all of the suspense was not suspenseful at all.  You knew who the bad guy was and the author didn't even draw it out.  I hope the president doesn't have time to read any books right now if he doesn't have time to go to intelligence meeting but if he does make time I hope its not for this book.  Its also gross that none of you take in to consideration that they have two young daughters, and maybe just maybe they don't want to make it seem like having a red room in your house is that great of an idea.  

Mommy... MommyHeiress86

Personally i hope they have read it....and i hope it inspires them to get kinky.Sex on the regular helps you relax,focus,and remain positive...our President needs all of those factors to run this country :)

Cassie Young

Does anyone realize that this was aired on Entertainment Tonight not CNN? If CNN was airing this I could see concern, but its ET. Let them be human for a moment. In addition, I really enjoyed reading the comment about how Obama should not be spending time on talk shows. Mitt Romney and his wife were most definitely on Live with Kelly and Michael yesterday. Just Sayin.

Diana Brown

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Saerise Saerise

Congrats to them on making it 20 years! I am not planning to vote for him, but I wish them the best as people. If they dislike 50 shades, I will hold a little more respect for them.

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