The Obamas Reveal How They Really Feel About '50 Shades of Grey' (VIDEO)

obamas talk 50 shades of greyJust about a month before Election Day, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will have something MAJOR to celebrate: Their 20th wedding anniversary! Let's give 'em a round of applause! Not only because they've made it two whole decades as married people (while some famous folks in this country can't seem to stay married much longer than two months ...), but because they really still do completely and utterly adore one another. But yeah, we all know that already. Old news. New news? They talked about Fifty Shades of Grey on Entertainment Tonight last week!

The First Couple have been approached with Qs about the sexy series before, individually, but not yet while sitting down to be interviewed together. And this time, their collective response to Nancy O'Dell's brazen inquiry was by far THE BEST yet!

Check it out ...

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They don't get to talking about Fifty Shades until the very end, when Nancy poses the burning question, but the rest of the interview is pretty darn cute, so it's worth watching, too!

Oh, I love them -- they're too cute! But alright, let's discuss. So, I definitely trust that the FLOTUS doesn't have the time to pick up E.L. James' raunchy read, but I wouldn't be surprised if Michelle has a liiiittle bit more knowledge of it than she lets on. Mostly because of the way she said, while smirking, "I think everyone has heard what Fifty Shades of Grey is about!" Uh-huh! I'd venture to guess she had someone on her staff read her an excerpt or two at one point!

At any rate, I feel like both Michelle and Barack have handled the media's interrogation about the series perfectly. Like Nancy said, they're good sports for even acknowledging her silly Q. And, by the way, if one of them had read it, do you think they'd ever actually admit that to the American people? NOOOO! After all, some regular Americans don't even want to admit that they've read it (or are reading it -- hello, most read e-book, um, EVER?!).

How do you think the Obamas have handled being questioned about Fifty Shades of Grey?


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JW2009 JW2009

I can agree with everyone. I don't think that asking if the President and his wife have read this series was the right thing to ask during the time of elections. It is really all about timing. And I do agree that his priorities are a tad on the mixed up side. (That is putting it lightly) But, we really shouldn't let a stupid question get us all ticked off. The question was already asked.

So I ask all of you, if you had an interview with Mr and Mrs. Obama, what would you ask?

David N Azalia Acosta

I think people tend to forget that our country was burried in shit before this man came to office, you all elected Bush not once, but twice..8 years of shit this man had to come in to clean in 4 years?? Who cares what they read when they are in the privacy of their room at night.. get a grip America.

nonmember avatar Michelle

I'm with you, PonyChaser...I will never understand this website's obsession with that DAMN BOOK!

Mandi... Mandi1215

Seriously,  this by far is the stupidest thing ever.  First of all, our President should not be a celebrity and his marriage should not be compared to that of TomKat's.  This is HIS problem, he is not a celebrity.  What a waste of time to go on Entertainment tonight, what a joke!!! 

And you are telling us to relax Susie19???  Do you actually watch the real news or just this ETonight crap???  Our country needs a President who is more concerned about our problems then his book, his celebrity status, and who sure as hell wouldn't be spending time with a reporter who is concerned about if they read Fifty Shades of Grey!!

His lack of concern makes me sick.

nonmember avatar meghan

Why is this site obsessed with this stupid book? It is the most poorly written piece of crap ever published!


Susie19 just wants to post animated cartoons. Figures. No wonder we are where we are when our young people don't take anything seriously. If this was last year or next year that would be one thing but like Pony and others have stated, our country is in the crapper and he's talking about a book???? A sex book at that??? Alrightythen. What does that tell you about what he feels is important?

Kimberly Eckard

we have to remember that they are ordinary people too, so it is actually nice to know that maybe they do sit down and read a book, he cna't make the country better all by his self, whether anyone likes him or not he is our President and should be respected regardless

Kimberly Eckard

and for the record, if anyone has actually read the book then they would not be calling it a "sex book", it has a pretty in depth story line.

nonmember avatar Zuri

Simply put, this is below Obama, or any president or government official. HEY OBAMA! You have 40 years of problems to clean up, yes you've made a little progress, but KEEP WORKING!

nonmember avatar Shandeigh

Yeah... pretty much what everyone else said. Who cares about our economy! What do you think of a stupid book. And Kimbery... really? In depth story line? Compared to what? Dr Seuss? Scratch that... Dr Seuss at least had correct grammar.

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