The Obamas Reveal How They Really Feel About '50 Shades of Grey' (VIDEO)

obamas talk 50 shades of greyJust about a month before Election Day, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will have something MAJOR to celebrate: Their 20th wedding anniversary! Let's give 'em a round of applause! Not only because they've made it two whole decades as married people (while some famous folks in this country can't seem to stay married much longer than two months ...), but because they really still do completely and utterly adore one another. But yeah, we all know that already. Old news. New news? They talked about Fifty Shades of Grey on Entertainment Tonight last week!

The First Couple have been approached with Qs about the sexy series before, individually, but not yet while sitting down to be interviewed together. And this time, their collective response to Nancy O'Dell's brazen inquiry was by far THE BEST yet!

Check it out ...

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They don't get to talking about Fifty Shades until the very end, when Nancy poses the burning question, but the rest of the interview is pretty darn cute, so it's worth watching, too!

Oh, I love them -- they're too cute! But alright, let's discuss. So, I definitely trust that the FLOTUS doesn't have the time to pick up E.L. James' raunchy read, but I wouldn't be surprised if Michelle has a liiiittle bit more knowledge of it than she lets on. Mostly because of the way she said, while smirking, "I think everyone has heard what Fifty Shades of Grey is about!" Uh-huh! I'd venture to guess she had someone on her staff read her an excerpt or two at one point!

At any rate, I feel like both Michelle and Barack have handled the media's interrogation about the series perfectly. Like Nancy said, they're good sports for even acknowledging her silly Q. And, by the way, if one of them had read it, do you think they'd ever actually admit that to the American people? NOOOO! After all, some regular Americans don't even want to admit that they've read it (or are reading it -- hello, most read e-book, um, EVER?!).

How do you think the Obamas have handled being questioned about Fifty Shades of Grey?


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Silly question? You think?? Being the mess our country is in I don't really care about this. I'd rather hear about our country's issues. This is so unimportant and I feel kind of belittling for a president to answer. I mean really. Isn't he above this? Does he not have anything more important to discuss?

Melis... Melissa1508

Who gives a shit what they think of this book?  Seriously?

audri... audrinasmommy7

Totally agree with JAFE. Personally, I think Obama spends a little too much time hobnobbing with celebrities when he has WAY more important things to worry about. He obviously cares a lot about being in the media and being portrayed as if he were a celebrity. It makes me sick. He needs to start doing his damn job and stop making appearances on talk shows and such.

wamom223 wamom223

Maressa your obsession with such a poorly written book is gross enough already, the fact that you're trying to mix it with politics is disgusting.  For someone that has so much respect for these two people you and the media sure don't have a problem putting them in inappropriate situations.  It was wrong to ask them about it.  This is why I don't trust your political opinion about anything.  If this is what you are worried about in an election year you shouldn't even be allowed to vote.  Although I would be happy if the Stir woke up and quit helping shovel this drivel to the masses.

Susie19 Susie19

Wow, I don't see how people can take this interview and turn it into something negative, RELAX!!!

nonmember avatar Zuri

This is just plain old rude and disrespectful. Maressa, you're still talking about this stupid book? Barf, Barf. Barf.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

So, if you don't care why'd you read the article and comment?


It's people like you Susie19 who make this president think he's something he's not. He's NOT a celebrity. He's the president of the USA. It's beneath him to be talking about a stupid book. Do you really think he should be thinking of 50 Shades of Gray right now? Man!! That scares me. 

PonyC... PonyChaser

The Middle East is on FIRE. Iran is thisclose to getting a nuclear weapon. Our Fed has just decided to print UNLIMITED amounts of money. Do you know that that does? It means MASSIVE inflation!!

But yeah, you're right. It is a FAR better use of Obama's time to sit on Entertainment Tonight and answer questions about a stupid book.

This is so, so sad.

Susie19 Susie19

And it is people like you JAFE, who need to RELAX!! 

blowing kisses


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