Kelly Osbourne Gives Kate Middleton Advice for Sweet Paparazzi Revenge

kelly osbornePoor Kate Middleton! Her first truly nasty brush with the paparazzi, and the topless photos just seem to be everywhere. She's getting plenty of outrage and sympathy from everyone, including fellow Brit Kelly Osbourne, who says, "I think what they have done to her is disgusting. I really do. Everybody has the right to privacy, no matter who you are. It's disgusting."

Maybe Kate should take her cues Kelly. She says the paps in London like to get on the ground and attempt an up-skirt shot of women! Here's how Kelly has learned how to deal with it. Take note, Kate.


Kelly says, "So the first thing we do is just kick them, so they can’t do it! They get on their knees, that’s how bad they are. I will say, though, in this country it is getting better.”

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Blimey! Can you even imagine Kate Middleton kicking anybody? Now there's a shot I would LOVE for the paps to get: "Kate smashes a photog's nose with her dainty L.K. Bennetts." But that's not very princessy, I have to say. I'm pretty sure that Royal How-To training manual discourages that sort of thing.

Anyway, kicking wouldn't have done Kate any good with those topless photos. Those were taken by some hidden creep with a long lens. Kate's legs are long, but not that long! Obviously her bodyguards should be handling the rough stuff, but it doesn't look like they were aware of the photographer at the time, either. Come to think of it, women like Kelly are more vulnerable because they don't have a royal staff protecting them! No wonder she delivers those preemptive kicks.

Still ... wouldn't you love to see prim and proper Kate deliver a kick? Just a retroactive, "thanks a lot for the unauthorized shots" swipe to the knees? It'll never happen, of course. But I think most of us would totally understand if she wanted to do that.

Do you think Kate Middleton at least wishes she could follow Kelly's example?


Image via Splash News

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