Alexander Skarsgard's Response to '50 Shades of Grey' Rumors Leaves Fans Screaming (VIDEO)

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Alexander SkarsgardHa! I had a feeling his name was still on the table as far as being cast in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie -- and now there's proof that True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard hasn't ruled out playing Christian Grey.

Ok, so you shouldn't start hyperventilating quite yet, because if the opportunity does arise for him to step into Christian's super-expensive shoes, he does have a few conditions before he'll agree to play the part. (Um, yeah right. Like ANY actor in Hollywood won't be doing cartwheels and popping open a bottle of champagne when that offer rolls around.)

At a recent red carpet appearance, women were literally screaming at him and saying he HAD to play Christian. And when asked about that possibility by ET Canada, Alexander responded with, "Of course. It's a great script." But then it's almost like he knew he'd sounded a bit too eager, because he backpedaled by saying there are "so many variables" when it comes to taking the role and added, "It depends on who’s directing it and who’s in it."

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Really? It depends on the director and the other actors? Well, that's just borderline cocky, isn't it? (Ok, you're right. Alexander Skarsgard can be cocky if he wants to.)

He wasn't exactly forthcoming with his answer, but at least we know he's considering taking on the part. And since he's also expressed interest in the role of the creepy stepdad in Lolita, we know he's not shy about playing a sex-obsessed character. (Go ahead -- it's ok to blush -- I did too.)

You can see and hear Alexander's thoughts on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie in this video clip. As an added bonus, Ryan Gosling also gives an annoyingly un-telling answer about the role -- and one very famous actress admits to thinking the book is "awful." (Finally, someone isn't afraid to go against the grain.)

Do you think Alexander is the right man for the job?


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nonmember avatar Fifty opinion

I do not think he's right for this role. I picture someone a lot better looking. I'll be a little sad if he gets this role.

Ashley Zigmont

I love Alexander Skarsgard as Christain!

Eva Casey

Hell no!! Matt Bomer is our guy!!

nonmember avatar Julie

More actors should go "against the grain" - in the first place, the 50 Shades author totally ripped off Twilight (not that that was any great literary prize anyway), and in my view, publishing this book and creating a movie from it is copyright infringement. Her characters and relationships are totally copycat and unoriginal (and again I'll say - who would want to copycat the whiny, spineless character of Bella Swan anyway?). Then, I read the Amazon kindle sample and the writing is just terrible. Boring, trite, low-level vocabulary, and laughable interactions between characters - I mean, if the movie actors "mutter" as much as the book has the characters do, nobody will be able to hear their lines. This whole hoopla over the book is sad - not just that people are so excited over PORN but also that they think the writing is so great when I've had middle school students who can write better.

Terrie Lohrey Taylor

The one and only person to play Christian Grey is Matt Bommer.... get onboard people!  And, Henry Cavill should play Gideon Cross!  That's all I'm sayin'.


Larisa Candoi

these play Christian Grey? ,are you kidding me??? please don't ruin an amazing book

Jennifer Wood

IAN SOMERHALDER is the only man to play Christian Grey!! He is PERFECT in every way!

Carole Murphy

he is a really sexy man and yes Gray is right for him....just can picture him in those sexy worn out jeans....wowowowow

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