Navy Hunks Do ‘Gangnam Style’ Sexier Than Psy Himself (VIDEO)

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Everyone everywhere is talking about this new "Gangnam Style" song by Psy. You know, the one that has kicked off this whole look like you're horse-riding, giddy-up dance craze? Yeah, I watched the original video. I laughed. But I've gotta be honest, I think I like the spoof from the 22nd Company at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis a bit better.

OK, a lot better. Because heck, what's NOT to like about a gaggle of extremely good-looking men wearing skinny white pants dancing around ... pelvic thrusts included? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Watch the Navy men shake it to "Gangnam Style," here:

Wowza! The energy! The choreography! The tight pants! Thrusting and hip movements aside, you can tell that these guys clearly had a blast putting this thing together. Heck, if the Naval Academy is this fun all the time, sign me up!

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The video, which is a spirit spot (something that's encouraged by the Naval Academy to boost morale), already has more than 100,000 views on YouTube. I bet they had an inkling that their booty shakin' would become viral, and now I'm just waiting to see them on the morning TV news circuit. I say live it up! It's good that these guys can have a few laughs, let off some steam, and enjoy themselves every once in a while. Of course, it's best when we get to check out the end result.

What do you think of the video?


Image via DoubleBondProduction/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Jennifer

Totally awesome... but I would recommend some, uh, "support" for the Officer in the basketball shorts.

nonmember avatar Shawn

This is hilarious - love it!!

Albond86 Albond86

Love these! Gotta love those middy's makes me miss living in Annapolis so much! I miss my eye candy! GO NAVY! I'm such a Naptown girl!

nonmember avatar Margarita

Definetly I would've drooled if they were MARINES!!!!!!! Semper Fi!!!!

Alexandra Lynn Rubenak

I hope they don't get in trouble for this. It was so clever and well done.

Andrew Stephens

in response to the why the woman got in trouble. It is against the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) to represent a cause (no matter how good or bad) and when you openly do it in uniform, you are violating that code. These guys weren't representing anything.

Bonnie Collins

whew!!! anybody got a towel??

Kim Ruhle


valha... valhallaarwen

it is nice to see them goofing off than to be in a scandal.  

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