Lindsay Lohan Wants to See Amanda Bynes in an Orange Jumpsuit

Amanda Bynes

Hallelujah, everyone! I've got some startling news! I wrote on Thursday about actress Amanda Bynes' horrible disease, Driverhantus Virus, which makes her keep driving even with a suspended license. But, lo, there is only one thing that can stop Driverhantus in its tracks. And that is to take away the car. TMZ says this has finally happened. Finally, the world woke up, saw Amanda Bynes driving, and said, No more!!! No more fender benders, no more DUIs, no more hit-and-runs, no more smoking a mysterious substance while driving. Amanda has been cured! Praise Henry Ford!

And I bet Lindsay Lohan is ecstatic. Lindsay is probably the only starlet whose driving is as bad as Amanda's, so she had the perfect vantage point from which to cast judgment on Amanda.


Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan, who went to jail (briefly) for her driving transgressions, was getting frustrated with Amanda's apparent ability to keep driving despite all of her infractions. She asked on Twitter:

Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?

When Lindsay Lohan is the voice of reason, something is very, very wrong, folks. But Lindsay spoke too soon, because that very day Amanda was pulled over by police -- again! -- and they ran a check on her license. Behold, this time the cops saw the stark truth -- that Amanda's license has been suspended for three weeks! So what did they DO, y'all??

They gave her a ticket and impounded her car. Can I get an ah-men?

I think this is the only thing that was going to separate Amanda from her wheels. But it's kind of interesting how close together LiLo's jail wishes for Amanda and her car being towed came, eh? Perhaps L.A. cops are following LiLo's Twitter feed.

But will Amanda's car being impounded really stop her driving? I suspect someone as gripped by the disease of unstoppable driving as Amanda is will somehow, some way, soon be back behind the wheel. And I don't think Linds will be happy until we see Amanda do the walk of shame in her orange jumpsuit.

Do you think this will stop Amanda from driving?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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