'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell's Bong Photo Ruins Her 'Good Girl' Image

Catelynn LowellIt's a sad day for fans of Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. The two are usually considered the most responsible, most likely to succeed break-outs of MTV's reality drama. But a new photo showing Lowell taking hits from a bong may ruin that "clean" image forever.

Of all the people on the show, Lowell is perhaps the one who least needs to be dabbling in drugs. Sure, it's normal for teens and people in their early 20s who don't have children living in their homes to experiment with different ways of having fun. But Lowell is the daughter of an addict and the stepdaughter of a man who famously texted his son that he loved cocaine more than him. In other words, she should be steering clear. Sure, it could be salvia and NOT marijuana, but who REALLY believes that?

I am not one to judge drug use. But this is disappointing.

Part of Catelynn's appeal is her ability to rise above her circumstances, which, admittedly, were pretty awful. Her mother and stepfather are alleged to have an abusive relationship. Both are also admitted addicts. She was pregnant as a teen and has lived apart from her biological father for most of her childhood. Her mother wasn't always the most supportive woman. It's a recipe for one screwed up adult. But Catelynn has always seemed to rise above. But now this?

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Marijuana isn't the scourge many would have us believe. In the right time and place, it can be perfectly fine. I would be a complete hypocrite if I came down on someone in their early 20s who smoked a little. Lord knows I went to college and lived in the dorms. I have no room to judge.

But it's sad because it's Catelynn. It's sad because she IS such a role model in so many ways, whether she likes it or not. She has also set herself up as a role model. She WANTS to be that for many people; otherwise, why say she wants to go into adoption counseling?

Even more, I wonder if she would be jeopardizing her future with Tyler through this experimentation. He is pretty anti-drug use on the show. If he also is off-camera, I imagine he is none too pleased. There was a time when he seemed very concerned she might not finish school. My guess is he wants to be with someone just as ambitious and goal-oriented as he is.

So what now? Is this Catelynn's turn to go all Amber and Jenelle? Or will she turn this around? Only time will tell.

Do you find this disappointing?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar Tanya Henry

Nice bong Catelynn Lmao!!! ;) Fuk judgemental ppl.... Walk a mile n ther shoes n see were u wuld b..... An speaking of addicts, weed is all natural honey.... Get over ur self.

Joshua Jocelynn Schmal

if she smokes thats her business and it doesnt make her any less of a person.her and tyler are great people..its okay to have a lil fun here and there...geez live a little

nonmember avatar Corrizzle16

Honsetly it's a free country, she has been through so much and people say its disappointing? Honsetly it's disappointing that we actually have a tv show about teen pregnancy. I think that she is stil a good mother and she doesn't even get to parent her child! She's better then most she gave that baby girl a chance for a great life and a lot of happiness so who the hell are you to judge her and say she is a disappointment when she's probably the biggest reason people even watch teen mom!

nonmember avatar Jennifer

It's true she is only humin she is the best mom on the show and always will be if she wants to get high once and awhile let her she will always be a good kind hearted person

Janel Hampton

hater! weeds bomb


Elena Isabel Kilcullen

Honestly, i really dont see how salvia is a much better alternative to marijuana. just because its legal doesnt mean its any safer. And you are a hypocrite. This whole article is painfully biased an hypocritical. There are good people out there who are successful and live good lives that smoked marijuana when they were in their 20s or in college. Give it a fucking rest.

Bailey Swicegood

Oh you'll jump on a story like this, but for how long now has jenelle been advertising on facebook for 'kieff's pipes' with pictures and all. Anyone who thinks all theyre doing is making pipes is stupid

Erica Mendez

its not the end of the world because she hit a bong. who really cares?? S.M.H.

nonmember avatar ali

Honestly it makes me mad that someone would put this out there. If she wants to casuually sometimes smoke let her. She is an adult.

nonmember avatar amansa

You can smoke pot and not be an amber or jenelle.

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