'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Finale Part 1 Recap: Melissa Gorga's Stripper Past Put On Display

Teresa GiudiceOh that Posche fashion show is always a doozy, and tonight on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we saw the setup for what's surely going to be another memorable event. It was clearly the calm before the psycho storm that's going to go down next week, but the real question is: Was Teresa Giudice part of a setup to take Melissa Gorga down?

It started when the loathsome Kim D. and Teresa were getting their hair and makeup done before the fashion show. They requested a glass of champagne, and in walks some guy named Angelo (who turns out to be the salon PR person) with their bubbly and a big old bomb. He tells Teresa he knows her sister-in-law, Melissa, and that she used to dance for him at a gentlemen's club.

Teresa's reaction was bizarre, and without any background, it might have almost seemed somewhat noble. She didn't defend her sister-in-law, but she also didn't laugh or pepper him with questions to get dirt; she just immediately said she didn't want to talk about her family, then ran out of the room to eavesdrop when Kim D. wouldn't quit with the questions.

Teresa clearly didn't say anything to Melissa about the whole incident or warn her that some guy was talking trash about her, because when he came up and said hello to Melissa during the dinner before the fashion show, she was clearly stunned. She pretended to remember him, then when he left the table, she pretended to have no idea who he was to the other ladies.

"I don’t remember where I know him from, but I know him," she said. "I know his face." 

Melissa adamantly denies that she worked as a stripper and says she was only a bartender at the club. I'm not sure it matters anymore, but what I really want to know is if Teresa had any part in this big reveal. I want to believe she wouldn't do such a thing after all the work they've done on their relationship, but I also wouldn't put it past her.

Jacqueline Laurita certainly thinks she did, and last year called her out as a "scum" for doing so. Via Twitter she said:

Teresa told me that 'rumor' about Melissa when she first started the show. She wanted her out then. She plotted it. She played dumb on camera and even defended Melissa.

Oh Teresa, there's low, and then there's something like this.

Of course, there is the chance that Teresa is being set up here too, and if that's true, that's too bad, but it's hard to give her too much benefit of the doubt with a track record like hers.

Next week it's all doing down. "Buckle up, bitches," Melissa Gorga warned. I can't wait.

Do you think Teresa Giudice set up Melissa Gorga? Do you think Teresa was set up?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar SavannahNichole

I absolutely think Teresa was a big part of it, of course she played innocent for the camera's. I'll never understand why she has such dislike for Melissa. Teresa had every opportunity to put herself in a postive light but she chose to make it about making Melissa look bad in front of camera's that airs the show to well over 2 to 3 million people and Melissa was never a stripper the owner of that club came to her defense and explained that they never had the license for strippers and she was a bartender for a short period of time when she was in college. I think that it'll all come out next week. I dont buy that Teresa was set up by anyone what would be the need for her to be set up, Teresa already can't look any worse than she already does by her own behavior she is her own worse enemy.

Cindy Peet

i think Teresa was doing the right thing, trying to protect her sister in law. Kim D was clearly the BITCH that set this up. she's the real scum.

sylvi... sylviad2003

I dont think Teresa had anything to do with the set up. I think Teresa is too dumb.. very dumb. I do think Kim D had everything to do with it and set Melissa up. Kim D is scum and set it up. Obviously Joe knows aobut Kim D thats why he kept saying stuff to her about drinking and doing drugs.

nonmember avatar Fran

This was Kim and jacqueline's set up. Jacqueline críes on camera about her lost friendship with Teresa but that's nothing but a lie and fake she all of the sudden received text two weeks before the event that they would embarrass Melissa... Then why the f didn't she say something to Melissa. And who is she to say Teresa was trying to set Melissa up she has no prove what so ever to make those claims so to me is very very clear that she and Kim were the ones that were trying to set Teresa up

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