New '50 Shades of Grey' Teaser Trailer Features Ian Somerhalder & the Perfect Anastasia (VIDEO)

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ian somerhalder as christian greyFifty Shades of Grey fan trailers are a dime a dozen these days, and the ones that "cast" Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey aren't exactly few and far between. Most recently, he was paired up with Emma Watson (who only seems psyched about playing Anastasia Steele if Ryan Gosling is cast as Christian). But there's another contender for the female lead who has cropped up even more frequently in fan trailers, and who also seems practically destined to play Ana to Ian's Christian ...

Surprise -- that would be Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale, who just last week expressed interest in the part and placed her vote for Ian Somerhalder to be cast, too. And talk about perfect timing ... The two "star" in fan SunshineDoll27's teaser trailer for the flick that is seriously off-the-charts HOT. Honestly, it may even be my fave fan trailer by far. Check it out ...


See? OMG. There's something incredibly sexy and on-point about this teaser trailer. Maybe it's because it's so concise that it feels legit? Doesn't drag on with footage that somehow, in even a very slight way, doesn't fit? Also, love the song choice of Halestorm's cover of The Beatles' "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" for the trailer's "score," too. It's just so perfect! And the only dialogue -- Ian asking, "Do you trust me?" -- kiiiinda gives you chills.

I have to admit, I haven't been the biggest advocate of Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey, but if anything makes a solid case for him to be cast, it's this trailer. If this is any indication of how an Ian-Lucy pairing in the flick would play out, I'm betting we'll all be satisfied with the official, final cut!

What are your thoughts on Ian as Christian opposite Lucy as Anastasia?

Image via sunshinedoll27/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Pj

Ian & lucy :)

Allison Amber

ive been saying since the first time i read book number one that christian grey should be played by ian somerhalde, but i also like the idea of lucy hale as anastasia, but i didnt think she could do it....i stand corrected, seeing that video just made me rethink that idea.....she is a perfect fit, for real bravoo

Michelle Richards

i think it would be a perfect pairing for ian and his girlfriend nina to be christina and ana just because of the chemistry those 2 have together. i wont lie that was a good fan made trailer but i just see those 2 as a better fit.

Holly Marie McCall

OH MY GOSH, that was so hot. I didnt think before that those two pairing off would have been so hot. I loved it, drew me in wanted more. When he was walking shirtless to the bed my mouth just dropped. IAN SOMERHALDER is the best choice for Christian. And im really digging Lucy for Ana!

Debbie Walters

i hope she chooses someone we dont know 

Barbara Dwyer Wirt

omg they are perfect for the movie, loved the book, cant wait for the movie

Jessica Payne

NOOOOO TO LUCY HALE!! absolute yes to ian. nina def should play ana.

Dollie Motes Howland

I just don't see him capturing the playful side of Christian. I don't see the twinkle in Ian's eyes that made Christian so Charming. I LOVE Lucy Hale as Ana, though :)

Tricia O'Neill

I think we found our Christian and Anastasia.

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