Ryan Gosling's Secret Fantasy Makes Him Sexier Than Christian Grey (VIDEO)

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Ryan Gosling

I'm not going to lie, when I heard that Ryan Gosling might play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, it was pretty much the best day of my life. Just the thought of this man being domineering, sexual, and you know, shirtless with jeans hanging off his hips for an hour and 30 minutes -- well, let's just say I was on board with that idea.

Another thing I'm on board with? Ryan opening up about his fantasies. I mean, if we're going to picture this man as Christian Grey, we've got to hear more about his sexual side, right? Right.

Well, Ryan revealed his secret fantasy in a recent interview -- and let me tell you, it's pretty unexpected and shocking. First of all, it doesn't even involve me ...

Ryan Gosling admitted:

I’ve always had this fantasy about robbing banks.

Yep, you read correctly. Sweet little Noah from The Notebook is a true bad boy at heart. God, does that make him 10 times hotter or what?

Forgive me for looking way too far into this statement -- but this must mean he's a fireball in bed. Let's dig a little deeper, shall we? He wants to be dangerous. He wants to be sneaky. He wants to take charge. He wants to break the rules. He wants to be bad. If this doesn't prove that he's sexy enough to play Christian Grey, I don't know what will.


Haven't had enough? Take a look at Ryan being all bad and holding a gun in the trailer of his new movie, Gangster Squad:

Do you think Ryan Gosling's fantasy is sexy?

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Lisa Beckrow

The looks he gives just screams Christian Gray to me! Ryan Gosling is *my* Mr. Gray!

nonmember avatar Melissa

Ryan is Christian... That is all there is to it...

Diana Bourassa

I say 'no' I don't see him as being Mr Grey. He does not give that presence to not be disobeyed look. Sorry

Ashley Shifflett

Hell no. He does not have the sultry blue eyes at all. He isn't a dom. in my opinion at all. He is a romantic not someone I can see spanking and whipping someone. No, No. No and hell no!!!! He is amazingly hott however Ian Somerholder is the best fit for this role.

Cassidy Carlson Mendel

omg I so vote for Ryan! He is sooooo yummmy & makes a PERFECT bad boy! Did you see DRIVE??? He was so badd a** in that movie :) <3 him!

Glenda Black

Sorry, not hot enough for Mr. Grey!

Shana Crawford

In my honest opinion I think this book should be left as a book, why ruin it by taking away or ruining our imaginations.

Gail Schatzel Baillargeon

I completely agree Shana. If they do make it into a movie, I will not see it because it is perfect in my mind! Oh and I don't think Ryan is even cute never the less Christian!

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