Dina Lohan’s Incoherent Dr. Phil Interview Makes Us Wanna Hug Lindsay (VIDEO)

dina lohanThey say the apple doesn't fall from the tree, but if the tree is drunk, does it make a sound? Mmmhmm, exactly. Parse that for me, Dina Lohan. Figure that one out, Dr. Phil.

The haggard mother of Lindsay Lohan is going on Dr. Phil's talk show on Monday, and the trailer for the interview shows a drunk Dina trying to make sense of Dr. Phil's shoes, her daughter's substance abuse problems, and why she's being scrutinized by "you people."

It's sad. Really, really sad.


Thankfully, it looks like Dr. Phil's just as disgusted by her behavior as you or I would be, and he's not amused by Dina's immaturity, nor her inability to see that her daughter's in trouble.

In the first 10 seconds of the trailer, you start feeling really sorry for Lindsay, but by the time the minute mark rolls around, you've mentally taken back anything bad you've said about Lindsay and vow to send nothing but love her way because, if anything, girl needs a hug, and a little understanding. If this is how she grew up, if Dina was like this from day one, then Lindsay never stood a chance. It's heartbreaking.


What do you think of the trailer??


Photo via DrPhilShow/YouTube

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