OMG, Those Kristen Stewart Cheating Photos Are So Totally Fake Probably! (VIDEO)

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kstew conspiracyI've kinda been with the conspiracy theorists all along: Maybe Kristen Stewart never even cheated on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders and the whole drama has been nothing but a crazy PR stunt from the start. I mean, either that or KStew has completely lost her shizzit, right? I mean, all of a sudden the typically reserved actress is having awkward makeout sessions in public and spilling her guts about relationship mistakes? (And what the hell with that whole armpit-licking thing?!)

But now I'm CONVINCED the scandal is a sham, thanks to a new video which demonstrates exactly how those infamous cheating photos were faked.

Seriously, I don't know who the genius who made this video is or how they spotted all the telltale phony photo signs, but too bad he or she wasn't around back in the days of JFK! Grassy knoll? Book depository?! Case woulda been solved in seconds.

No kidding, watching this video gives you that same eerie, creeped-out feeling you get watching those shows about unsolved mysteries or government hoaxes or UFO cover-ups. Just check this out:

See?! SEE WHAT I MEAN?? Don't you totally have the chills right now??? I'm sold, man, SOLD. At this point, the only thing I'm wondering about is if -- and when -- KStew & RPattz are going to come clean. Like when Joaquin Phoenix went back on David Letterman all normal-looking and was like, "Psyyyyych! I totally fooled you, man!"

Does this video make you think the KStew/RPattz split was always a big fake?


Image via KristenPattinson513/YouTube

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1SpaZ... 1SpaZZedMom

I think it is a publicity stunt. I've said it more than once....

Zamaria Zamaria

I think the whole relationship is fake.

Jean Todd

That is unbelievable...why would anyone do that and why would Kristen let herself be hated by people if she was part of it??????

Ashley Marie

I don't necessarily believe this. I could be someone who Just REALLY wants its to be a scam and worked every way possible to make it look that way.Depending on the camera used the image can come out smaller.I know this because recently I have been messing around with photography and some of my cameras shrink the images because of the lens.I also believe judging by the type of person Rpatz and Kstew  were with there relationship ( well Rpat) i don't think they would make a joke out of there personal life! I would hope not. It would totally change the way I look at them!

Lori Fowlkes

OK this video really proves nothing!! Sorry!! Now I'm not saying that this whole thing wasn't a set up or a publicity stunt because it is very liking that it could be. Something doesn't add up while this whole cheating thing. It could be a number of things. But as far as faked pictures or a typical conspiracy I don't think so.

Elizabeth Johnson

I think photoshop. I believe what happened was true. Plus I think Kstewart is not a good actress. Every thing I see her in she acts the same way. Yawn. She will end up like actresses that I grew up with.

Lisa Brewster

if pics were all fake, then why would she publicly apologize and why would the guy she cheated with put his wife and kids through that ? i think not.

Liz Hemzack

you're kidding! right?! i'm sure two seperate people are going to publicly admit to the world that they're sorry for the fake make out scene that was not the two of them!!! really!


Tiffany Wright

I leaning towards the whole thing being a scam. I think that it was a publicity stunt to help rob get higher ratings for his new movie or that their relationship was a hoax this entire time for Twilight publicity reasons. If it were in fact real, why the hell would she publicly announce her wrong doing? Who really knows? But the images do look photoshop. Maybe the two were just tired of faking a relationship and created this "cheating scandal" to break away from it all? I think Kristen is just one of those people who just doesn't give a "F" about what anyone thinks of her. She's hardcore like that.

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