Amanda Bynes Takes Driving Violations to New Level With Shocking Pipe-Smoking Photos

Amanda BynesAnother day, another Amanda Bynes traffic violation. As far as I can tell, she's up to a DUI, a texting while driving, a hit-and-run, another hit-and-run, a third hit-and-run, and a driving while suspended. (With six you get egg roll!) You'd think that would be enough to encourage her to hire a chaffer or ride a bike or maybe NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE FOR A WHILE, but according to TMZ, Bynes was caught driving aimlessly in L.A. on Tuesday for hours on end.

Not only that, but a wily pap managed to get a ton of pictures of Bynes as she was tooling around town, capturing photo documentation of her taking multiple hits off a pipe disguised to look like a cigarette lighter.

Unbelievably, that's not even the worst part.


No, the worst part is definitely the condition of her car, as seen in the photos. Man, what a shitshow! It looks like an episode of Hoarders could be filmed in that thing.

But yeah, the smoking thing is pretty bad too. I'm not saying she was for sure high while driving around L.A., but the evidence doesn't look good. There are even photos of some leftover herby-looking crumbs in her cup holder, and unless that's oregano, I think it's pretty unlikely she was the picture of sobriety as she hit the road.

According to TMZ,

Amanda started her journey in the San Fernando Valley, where she smoked from the pipe in the restaurant parking lot and ate tacos. She then went to a spa, where she spent 3 hours. We're told Amanda then drove without purpose for several hours, sometimes cutting off other drivers and violating various traffic laws. Amanda ended up at Home Depot, where she again took a hit from the pipe in the parking lot.

At this point, I find myself feeling intensely irritated by Amanda freaking Bynes. Not only was she pulled over with a suspended license on Sunday and the cops sent her on her way with a warning -- um, WTF, a driving while suspended in California is a misdemeanor that's supposed to result in 10 days in jail -- but instead of hiding in her home freaking the eff out about all her legal troubles like a normal person would be doing, she's bopping around town enjoying a smokable substance that I will not refer to as pot for legal reasons (BUT COME ON), stuffing her face with tacos, and getting a goddamned three-hour massage.


I'm just saying, if you or I had this many traffic busts, I don't think we'd be out living the high (zing!) life. Seriously, tell me the last time a cop pulled you over and didn't even ask for your license.

Anyway, annoyances aside, Bynes seems to be in a downward spiral, and hopefully these latest photos will encourage her to get some real help. Or head out of town to "rehab" (luxury spa) for PR purposes, because jesus, at least that would get her off the road.

What do you think about this latest mess with Amanda Bynes? Do you think she's been getting off easy because of her celeb status?

Image via Splash News

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