Stacy Keibler's Status as George Clooney's Girlfriend Is a Temporary (But Awesome?) Gig

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Stacy KeiblerFor anyone who may have heard that the inevitable breakup between George Clooney and his Dancing With the Stars Season 2 finalist girlfriend Stacy Keibler had taken place, it appears the rumors are unfounded. Although The Sun reported that the couple had ended their romance and were gearing up to release a statement about the split, Clooney's rep shot down the gossip, calling it a "total fabrication designed to sell newspapers."

Sure, Mr. PR Representative, it may not be true now -- but let's be honest, it was hardly far-fetched to believe that Keibler had been sent packing. I mean, we all know how this story ends, right? Hint: not with wedding bells.

In fact, if Keibler wants to hang on to her man for a few more handsome, Italian-villa-soaked months, she'd better hope the breakup talk fizzles away -- because this is what seems to have started the vicious rumor cycle that's tanked every Clooney relationship in recent years.

I get the feeling that George Clooney is a really awesome boyfriend who just so happens to come with a short shelf life. Like, when you're with him everything's magical and carefree and fairy-tale perfect, but he's always totally clear that things are never going to progress to marriage or babies. And you're totally fine with that ... at first. Then you start thinking that maybe, just maybe you're going to be the one who changes his mind.

Meanwhile, you've been dating long enough that the tabloids stop buzzing about how you're his latest It Girl, and they start talking about where the relationship is going. You act breezy and cool in interviews ("We're just enjoying each other's company!"), but eventually the cracks in your façade start showing. George is sick of the gossip, you're starting to whine about your biological clock, and the next thing you know ...

Dumpsville, baby. Population: you.

Thirty-two-year-old Stacy Keibler seems like a smart cookie, and thanks to her DWTS and WWE fame, she's got her own career to focus on instead of riding Clooney's coattails. I doubt she'd make the same mistakes Clooney's past girlfriends made (remember Italian model and actress Elisabetta Canalis, who got kicked to the curb after she told a magazine she wouldn't be with someone who didn't want to get married or have kids?), but still, it's got to be a little rough being hooked up with the most diehard bachelor in Hollywood. Especially now that the breakup rumors have started.

Personally, I kind of like the two of them together, so I hope they're having fun and can keep the romance going for a while longer. While there are clearly some downsides to being on Clooney's arm, I have to assume it's a great ride (ba-dum CHH) while it lasts.

Clooney and Keibler have been in a relationship just over a year -- how much longer do you think they'll stay together?

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kalisah kalisah

That's what they used to say  about Warren Beaty. (Not that I think George will ever be caught. I just wanted to say that.) 

twint... twintosser

NO i dont think its awesome.He needs to grow up and stop with the Im never getting married gag line he uses as an excuse for a real commitment. Im not saying that he should marry, but he hops from girl to girl whom he has all told that he loved. Its an excuse is what it is,hey after im done using you, Ill dump you when IM tired and move on to the next model but hey you cant hate me because I said Id never settle down.

Nancy... NancyJ422

haha - it's like when newspapers have obituaries of famous people already written up and they're just waiting to insert the date the person dies!

Gossip columns probably have the same thing for the demise of George's relationships.  But maybe as you said because of Stacy's own "career" they'll hang on a little longer.

Lee Bailey

I don't happen to think Clooney is half the looker OR the actor he thinks he has to wonder if he can't sustain a long term relationship because he's really "in the closet" and just needs to be outed like so many other Hollywood boy toys. All these women need to find their self esteem in themselves and their own beauty and ability instead of thinking they have to ride this phony up the road to success.

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