New '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Rumor Casts Sexy Newlyweds as Christian & Ana

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Blake Lively & Ryan ReynoldsSpeculation over who will play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie keeps getting more and more interesting, and the new combination of actors that just hit the rumor mill has me intrigued, but not totally convinced that they're the right fit.

Because casting a real-life couple as Ana and Christian could really make or break the film, depending on how well people buy into their chemistry. Before they split, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's names were thrown around as a possibility -- but now newlyweds Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have had their names added to the hat as a potential winning recipe for some seriously hot action in the Fifty Shades flick.

And I'm guessing the idea of the two of them taking on the roles is something most fans are either going to love -- or flat-out hate because of the whole marriage factor.

On the one hand, their chemistry would likely be off the charts, simply because they've only been married for a few days, so they're smack dab in the middle of the honeymoon phase of their lives right now. That's typically the time when things are the hottest between any married couple, so if they're going to play a dominant and submissive, now might be the time to do it.

But then again, the fact that they're hitched may put a slight damper on things because they have a certain element of boring going for them now that they're husband and wife. There's a real possibility that if they're cast as Christian and Ana, fans won't be able to get past the thought of them being all cozy and domestic, which doesn't exactly bode well for the plentiful risque scenes in the movie.

That being said -- I can definitely see Ryan as Christian and Blake as Ana -- though maybe not opposite each other. Wouldn't casting one of them with some other super-hot actor or actress make things even more scandalous and erotic? Like maybe Ryan with Katie Cassidy and Blake with Ryan Gosling? (Ooo. So steamy.)

What do you think of Ryan and Blake as Christian and Ana?


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nonmember avatar Kate

I always thought of Blake as being Kate not Ana, she is too tall and not at all what Ana is described to be.

nonmember avatar jaque

Wouldn't watch the movie! If they were christian and ana don't think ryan is close to being Christian at all y won't they just use matt bomer he's perfect for the role....simply purrrfect ;D

Destiny McMullen

They would be roles in the movie just not Christian or Anna.deff. henry Cavill deff. Christian. and dont know about anna but yeah would love to watch Henry as Christian Grey

Faith Frequency

Alexander Skarsgard was made to play Christian Grey.

while reading the books,  Alexander Skarsgard was the image i saw

as Christian Grey.


Id like to see Alexis Bledel as Ana Steele

Paul Destiny Williams

umm ian somerhalder and lucy hail or nina dobrev. ian could pull it off considering his role as damon in vamoire diaries. i think he would be the best actor for this. kristem and robert would be TERRIBLE.

Gloria Gutiérrez

ooooh no!!! Ian Somerhalder is the perfect Grey!!!!!

nonmember avatar Jennifer

No!! I am a fan of both but no, I think they need to cast Christian as a well known actor and Anastasia as a not well known actress, but that's my opinion

Morgan Nicole Johnson

Ryan is more of a funny guy. not a sexy "i'm gonna spank you until you scream and cum" kinda guy. 

Carmen Renee Dowler

ryan is too old and short.... his bimbo wife is a blonde and cant act   so why dont we stop all the who is it gonna be and just sit and wait   Ian and Alexis

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