Only 2 'Teen Mom' Stars Have a Spin-Off Show Coming

Teen Mom spin-offNow that Teen Mom is officially over and the first cast we got to know and love is moving on (sob), the war for who gets the first spin-off has officially begun. Rumor has it that the competition right now is between Catelynn and Tyler and Maci

Personally, I would love to see them both, but then I was also not quite ready to see the show stop. But if I had to choose between them, I would go with Catelynn and Tyler.

As far as I am concerned, Catelynn and Tyler are the poster children for smart teen pregnancy. They made the best, smartest choice and their lives are better for it.

I am so curious what will happen to them as they grow and change. Will Carly become less a part of their lives or more? Will their marriage be strong? Will they have more children?

They are really strong role models, and while Maci is also responsible and smart and her drama is good, I think Catelynn and Tyler have more to offer the world through being famous.

Their lesson is that a person can place a child and still have a life. Personally, if my teen daughter were pregnant, I would much rather see her go the Catelynn and Tyler route than the Maci one (although actually I would want her to choose the other option).

Let's face it: Having a baby at 17 or 18 isn't the ideal. Maci is doing the best she can, and she is a great, strong woman. But she isn't the kind of person I want my daughter to be.

Catelynn and Tyler show it's OK to feel your feelings and to work through them and to make the really hard decisions that some may deem "selfish." Catelynn and Tyler chose themselves and a better life for Carly. She has two parents who are married and happy. They have plenty of money and a home with space and enough left over for gymnastics, ballet, and everything a little girl could want.

The fact is, they made the right choice, the harder one, and the one I think more girls should consider. So give them the spin-off!

No one has had enough of these two yet. We all want to see what they can do. It's going to be awesome.

Who would you rather see in a spin-off?


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Karina Gordon

Farrah already was chosen for a spin off show. Now it is between maci and Caitlynn and tyler. I wish they didn't chose farrah and chose these two but since they chose farrah already. I would rather see caitlynn and tyler than maci.

Karina Gordon

I also have heard they were fimling maci's spin off show already and we are going to see a lot of parting.

nonmember avatar Felicia


Haley Unwin

Catelynn and Tyler are having a marrige on TV im pretty sure not really a spin off show just publicizing their planning of their marrige all the way through to their marrige and Maci doesnt have a spin off show but she does want one i am a teen mother and i feel my daughter has many things she needs right now so just because we are teens doesnt mean we cant provide for them

nonmember avatar Brittany

Farrah has confirmed she is doing a spin-off and Maci has said she isn't, so maybe Cate and Ty will get one...

Rachel Jarvis Roller

i think adoption may be the harder choice initially but raising a child and doing it well, at any age, is so much harder...i think maci is showing us that you dont have to chose between your future and being a mom you really can do both

nonmember avatar Joe Keester

Maci is a goofy hillbilly with a greasy face. Every time I se her I want to scream TAKE A SHOWER you red neck!

nonmember avatar Jazmine Rodrigu

I am in love with Catelynn and Tyler. I think they deserve the spin-off. I would love to see how they are managing life after Teen-Mom. I would to see them through school and marriage. They are my favorite couple and I think they managed the adoption process very well.

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