Airing Kris Jenner Interview Instead of 9/11 Moment of Silence Isn't So Crazy

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Today surprised viewers today when it opted to air an interview with Kris Jenner instead of the moment of silence in memory of 9/11, as it had done in years past.

Given the fact that just about every other network chose to pay homage to the attacks at 8:46 am, it first seemed like an odd choice going with the matriarch of the Kardashian clan. An unexpected move? Yes, but not necessarily a bad one.

President Obama and the First Lady led the moment of silence at the White House, which the other two morning shows covered. Today's decision not do the same may have been an attempt to appeal to those who found it just too much to bear.

The endless stream of stories about the September 11 terrorist attacks can be emotionally trying for many. It's not as though they don't care. The entire nation was shaken by that unbelievable tragedy. Rather, taking an occasional break from the non-stop news about it may feel necessary to get through the day.

After all, isn't that the entire point of reality TV -- to provide a mindless escape. We all know no one does that better than the Kardashians. For those watching Today, Kris certainly didn't disappoint. She talked about the importance of changing out your breast implants when you get older, working out, and daughter Kim Kardashian's romance with Kanye West. Yes, it was fluff, but perhaps much needed fluff at that particular moment.

See Kris Jenner's interview:

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Do you think Today made a bad choice going with a Kris Jenner interview instead of the moment of silence?



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Candice Sasso Honeycutt

Oh come on. What a lame excuse The Today has for not airing the moment of silence. How disrespectul of them. Isn't it time for Today to admit they are sinking fast?

nonmember avatar Gail

I wish people would stop giving this absurd family attention. If you want to see "fluff" show a funny pet video anything but a member of that dysfunctional family!

tnyangel tnyangel

FLUFF?! No way. I remember the exact moment on 9/11! I was curling my hair on the west coast, getting ready for work and watching the news. I thought it was a horrible accident, I cried and sat down on my bed and my son came to see what was the matter, we watched the second plane hit together, horrified. My son put it together before I did and he was a 7th grader. He said, "We are at War now". Just that simple and it made it finally get through my thick head because I wasn't thinking yet.

Never forget. I won't, and I don't want ANY networks to offer "fluff" instead of memorial. It's an outrage. 

bb510 bb510

Yep, bad choice. If it's too hard on you, turn the tv off.

CPN322 CPN322

So they didn't want to air the minute of silence, ok(not a very smart choice on their part), but why have the kardashian lady instead?? I mean, of all the people they could of chosen, they chose her??? How about having one of the survivors or a family member of one of the deceased on talking about how their life is today and how they are doing well despite what happened. Though I am all for a moment of silence, that is definitely something I would have been interested in seeing. Why anyone wants to watch that woman talk about anything is beyond me.

I also completely agree with Sigh.

nonmember avatar cathy mahoney

Chris Jenner over a respectful acknowledgement for those who perished on 9/11? Disgraceful! As a faithful Today viewer i have been urged by family members to boycott Today. I will! The choice speaks volumes! This particular show has shown it's true colors in so many ways lately. They treated Ann Curry horribly, they ignore a day that happened in their backyard and impacted their viewers directly. They wonder why GMA is beating them- they seem to have heart and respect! Both things Ms. Jenner is sorely lacking in!

FaithNco FaithNco

Who cares about her. Just goggle that crap.

nonmember avatar hi!

Seriously everyone? How long do we have to have every network and human pause for a min? I agree with the auther as to why they did this - as a means of moving on, in media. Whats the argument? We dont pause for pearl harbor for ex.....if you want to continue a moment of silence for this, lets make a calendar of ALL the attacks usa has been through and out of respect, remember ALL of past's victims. come on. and no, i am not related or friends with any victims, but i seriously would NOT care what tv decides to do. it was MY loved one and I will remember them how I...remember and love them. I dont need strangers pausing for my love's passing.

apoll... apollothor

Although I personally know of two people who were lost in 911, I could understand that one network might not carry a 911 tribute.  However; think that the Kardashians are awful and would rather not see them on TV at all.

Trenton Wade

you had a baby with o.j. lol

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