Kristen Stewart Says Robert Pattinson Used to Lick Her Armpits

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kristen stewartThe hell? Kristen Stewart's pre-breakup interview with UK Vogue is out on stands now, and to say it contains some weird shit is an understatement. Stewart tells the mag -- and I quote: "I love the way [Robert] smells. And him me. Like, he loves to lick under my armpits." And she didn't stop there! She continued: "I don't get this obsession with washing the smell off. That smell of someone you love. Don't you think that's the whole point?"

What? The whole point of what? And wait a minute, did RPattz really used to lick KStew's stanky pits? What is going on here? Where am I?

I mean, this obviously isn't a rumor since the words came straight from Kristen's mouth, but ... why would she say this? To a reporter? Who's going to publish it for the world to see? Some things should be kept in the bedroom -- and this licking armpits business definitely falls under that umbrella.

This whole thing confuses me -- and not just because the act of licking someone else's armpits, no matter how much you love them, is confounding in and of itself -- because Rob and Kristen were such a private couple. They always kept their romance on the DL. Telling a reporter something so personal about their, um, bedroom behavior is kind of strange coming from Kristen.

Maybe she felt guilty because she was doing it with Rupert Sanders at the time? Maybe she was trying to convince herself -- and the world -- that her and Robert's love was so deep, and so freaky, it made Fifty Shades of Grey look like a nursery rhyme. Who knows? If that was her intention, though, I think she should have gone with another anecdote. This is just ... gross.

What do you think of this insanity?

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nonmember avatar Marie

Ewwwww, creepy. I don't care if people say that's "sweet and romantic".....ummm NO.

Who would want to kiss that mouth!?

Wanda Stiver

May be nice who knows,,she could of said a whole lot worse just saying ,,,let them be kids...

Samantha Keating

that is really personally and people dont want to know that so dont post that

Amina Madoune


Jaime Schulang

From what I saw, she never actually said it was Rob.  She said "my boyfriend" and for all we know, she was talking about Rupert since the interview was around the same time that their fling was going on.  Everyone is interpreting it as Rob.  I'm not saying it wasn't, but there's no solid proof either way.

Rhonda Denise Green

Again, Was This conversation  Recorded??? Where's the REAL evidence?? If you can hear her or see her say it...Then it's all, hear say, and Probably another Stupid Sick, Depraved, Reporter, trying to stir up Shyt as usual... Until I hear the actual recording for myself, and KStew admits it on TV for the whole world to Hear and See... I believe NOTHING that the Reporters say Now-a-Days... (Just Say'in!!)

Erin Thomas

Yuck, that just sounds gross and i don't see Robert doing something like that. Nope, i think she's just trying to make him sound like a gross person. I'm just gonna say it, I think she lied her butt off.

Cyndi Kidwell

I think it is cute! I mean there are alot stankier places on a womans body than her pits....just sayin....and lots of men like to lick different spots on a woman's body. No worse then the sensual toe licking, which if done on clean feet is quite amazing....maybe he did it after a shower when she was fresh and clean...we don't know the whole story!

Cyndi Kidwell

plus ear licking and behind the ear...sometimes it can be dirtier there than the pitts lol

Keanna Lucinda Lee

Who cares, they were obviously in love and when your in love with someone you love everything about them right? What they do is there buisness and if you dont like it, fine. Its not like you had to do it in the first place.

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