Ellen, Britney Spears & Psy Dancing ‘Gangnam Style’ Make for an Unlikely Yet Hilarious Trio (VIDEO)

Psy, Britney Spears, EllenTalk about one of the most random trios to ever grace your television screen. Hopefully by now you all have heard of "Gangnam Style," the Korean pop hit that's been taking over YouTube with its over-the-top style, catchy rhythm, and hilariously quirky dance moves. It's even gotten the attention of stars like Britney Spears, who recently tweeted that she'd love to learn those moves.

Of course, leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to bring in the guy who patented those moves -- Psy himself! -- on to her show so he could teach Britney his history-making dance. What happens next is two solid minutes of television gold.

Despite Britney's past rollercoaster ride of drama she's had to endure, hey, girl looks great, and she was an amazing sport. And you can't find anyone more likable than Ellen and Psy. Everyone in this video is just awesome. Please do yourself a favor and check it out.


The only thing that would have made it better? If only Simon Cowell had joined in! What a wimp. Who wouldn't be thoroughly amused watching Cowell, the verbose, shamelessly honest, badass Brit he is, lassoing and riding an invisible pony?

Oh well. You can't help but love Psy's philosophy: "Dress classy, dance cheesy." Can't think of a better party theme. I love the fact that Britney owned the "choreography" despite her sky-high heels. She looked super-classy even when performing those cheesy dance moves. Sometimes we tend to forget that this is Britney, bitch -- she's a fantastic dancer. Just look at her, she's taking this lesson really, really seriously (and, let's be honest, she's probably slightly mortified)!

I'm also glad we got a lesson from the man himself (and that he took the time to introduce who he is and where he's from), in case I decide to bust this move at some point when I'm at home by myself during the weekend.

Thanks Ellen for bringing this unlikely pair together, doing a hilarious dance, and making my afternoon!

Have you heard of "Gangnam Style"? What do you think of Britney's, Psy's, and Ellen's version of the dance?


Image via The Ellen Show/YouTube

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