Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Waiting to Tell the World That They're Back Together

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robert pattinson kristen stewart teen choice awards 2012Has the time for a Robsten reconciliation come?! Last week, Kristen Stewart made her first post-scandal red carpet appearance and addressed the inevitable reunion with Robert Pattinson for the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiere with the completely reassuring quote: "We're going to be fine. We're totally fine." What does that mean?! And now, rumors are flying that the couple has actually made up, but are just choosing to keep it quiet for now.

Sure, sources are a little iffy, but details sound rather convincing ... According to, "It was communicated to people during the Toronto International Film Festival that they are [back together], but they're worried about how it might affect his career, like whether or not there will be some kind of crazy backlash." Are they serious!? Backlash? Give me a break!

Everyone knows that this relationship is great news for business! Not just for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 business, but for BOTH of their careers. Oh sure, there will always be KStew haters who will be "disappointed" in Rob for reuniting with her, but even before the scandal, there were plenty of those types. Never prevented them from lining up in droves to see his films.

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Personally, I'd venture to guess these whispers about them getting back together are actually all part of the grand scheme. Like pollsters do when they want to test the public's take on a potential political move, maybe this rumor is a canary in a coal mine to see if fans are "ready" for the couple to reunite.

But who are they kidding? Whether they hold off until next month to make their reunion "official" -- just in time for the BD: Part 2 premiere, of course! -- or start roaming around Hollywood in matching tees and Chucks next weekend, their reunion will be celebrated widely. All will be right in the Twilight universe. BD: Part 2 tix will go like hot cakes. And whoever masterminded the whole scandal will be cackling in a room somewhere, because the scripted played out exactly as planned!

Do you believe that Robsten are back together? Could you see a reunion hurting Rob's career?


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Guy-Julie Janssen-Jeffery

they get together good and soon get marry and have babies they will make beautiful baby and it wont affect his career bec she help his career fast before his career was model now actor he learn to act in movie thank to director from twigilight saga help alot . smile we are happy to hear that but we cant hear because we are deaf.

purpl... purplesun38

If he wants to get back with her and get hurt again, oh well.

Stacey Thomas Janes

It appears that this whole thing was a scam. Look at the notoriety they got. And their movie isn't due to come out for quite some time. We've all been talking about, reading about, obsessing about them for a few weeks now. They got out of doing the promotionals for Breaking Dawn, something I'm just so positive they absolutely look forward to. The photos of KStew and her "new man" seemed so contrived. Like they wanted to be caught. Just doesn't add up. As much as I love that they are "in love," as much as that adds to the Breaking Dawn story line, I don't have much respect for either of them anymore. Rephrase - I never had respect for KStew, so I guess I've just lost what I had for him as well. C'est la vie.

Rita Curry

  Yea, like I believe this! If they are back together, it's for all of the, promos for movie. I really would like this to be true. Neither would be hurt if they are back together. We shall see. God please, make this true!!!!!!!!!!! They are meant for each other, Both, hard to really talk to, & both just a little strange, don't all you think? It is theirlife to live though, but think, this is part, of the contract that all of them are still under. I still think all of this grap, was RupertSander's fault. He was the one in control, as the directer, of that movie. Why hasn't he gotten the shit, Kristen has? Is his wife staying with him,if so, they belong together,as both are just, butt ugly.

Grace... GracesMom5194

Wow, nonmember Marie! Talk about hate! What kind of viscious person would wish something like that on anyone, forget celebs, that is just f-ed up. Did someone do that to you or what? 

I, too, hope they get back together. They seem like really good people. I say "seem" because none of us knows either one of them and none of us can say for sure what happened and with who or when. They did their best to keep their personal lives private and I think that is respectable. This whole scandal is unfortunate for all involved. IF, the rumors are true then yes, KStew did a hurtful and dishonorable thing. Regardless, nobody has the right to judge. What were you doing when you were 22? Or, what are you doing now that makes you so self righteous? "You" is collective of haters and judgers, not one specific person. We have all done things we regret, celebs are humans too. They just get a hell of a lot more shit for it because they are in the public eye. If they have reunited I hope they go back into seclusion so the gossip hounds and haters can't get involved anymore.

I also don't think it will hurt his or her career. The damage has already been done. Getting back together is up to them. If RPat can see his way to forgive and move on, why shouldn't everybody else.  

Rita Curry

  Juanita, nobody cares,what you have use for, so stuff it.

April Marchant

bout time i have said it before i will say it again they are a great looking couple and they deserve a second chance . is kissing really so bad in light of what could have happened i think not, she has been with rpatz since she was a kid basiclly let the mistake go and lets move on people.

Leslie Moore

She was seen last weekend wearing his favorite Oriols cap while traveling as well as one of his t-shirts.  Now that's not proof, but it's kind of interesting.  I bet they will wind up back together.  I never heard that there was actual sex involved, not that that excuses anything, but if there was just a bunch of heavy petting, kissing etc....then maybe Rob could excuse/forgive her easier and move on.  Why didn't the world hate on Rupert, the scum with a wife and kids?  If they are back together, this will make it much easier for me to watch BD2 :)

Gina Scott

I have felt that the entire relationship was a scam. But its all about business. Right?

jessi... jessicasmom1

hopefully it will work for them I would be very happy for them both

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