Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Waiting to Tell the World That They're Back Together

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robert pattinson kristen stewart teen choice awards 2012Has the time for a Robsten reconciliation come?! Last week, Kristen Stewart made her first post-scandal red carpet appearance and addressed the inevitable reunion with Robert Pattinson for the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiere with the completely reassuring quote: "We're going to be fine. We're totally fine." What does that mean?! And now, rumors are flying that the couple has actually made up, but are just choosing to keep it quiet for now.

Sure, sources are a little iffy, but details sound rather convincing ... According to, "It was communicated to people during the Toronto International Film Festival that they are [back together], but they're worried about how it might affect his career, like whether or not there will be some kind of crazy backlash." Are they serious!? Backlash? Give me a break!

Everyone knows that this relationship is great news for business! Not just for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 business, but for BOTH of their careers. Oh sure, there will always be KStew haters who will be "disappointed" in Rob for reuniting with her, but even before the scandal, there were plenty of those types. Never prevented them from lining up in droves to see his films.

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Personally, I'd venture to guess these whispers about them getting back together are actually all part of the grand scheme. Like pollsters do when they want to test the public's take on a potential political move, maybe this rumor is a canary in a coal mine to see if fans are "ready" for the couple to reunite.

But who are they kidding? Whether they hold off until next month to make their reunion "official" -- just in time for the BD: Part 2 premiere, of course! -- or start roaming around Hollywood in matching tees and Chucks next weekend, their reunion will be celebrated widely. All will be right in the Twilight universe. BD: Part 2 tix will go like hot cakes. And whoever masterminded the whole scandal will be cackling in a room somewhere, because the scripted played out exactly as planned!

Do you believe that Robsten are back together? Could you see a reunion hurting Rob's career?


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toria... toria19821969

Don't see why it would affect his career. His acting skills aren't a reflection of his relationship status. If they are then great, if they aren't then bad luck. They looked good together. We will see I guess.... Or maybe we won't

Dotty Williams

its about time they are together,,,and you kno this is everyday life,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they look so good togetherant wait for the next movie,go for it you two,,and no it wont hurt his career,,,,,i am just in a hurry and c

nonmember avatar Raven

OR, they might not come right out and make it official- they never truly did before. :)

Juanita Miller

I personally have NO use for a "cheater", but in the end it's all about what makes them happy as individuals and as a couple, Every situation is different and "we" as outsiders will never know what the "real" story is or was.... but that's just my humble opinion.... thanks for reading....

nonmember avatar Misty wolfe

I absoultely would love it if this rumor that rob and kristen are back together!! They are both young and both are human and humans make mistakes, aslong as she stays faithful to rob from here on out i feel its wonderful that they are reconciled. I love them both and wish them the best and only want them to be happy! Plus i LOVE them as a couple!

nonmember avatar Simone

Why does it matter if theyre back together? Its no one's business but theirs...and all she did was kiss the guy.

SaphireH SaphireH

I'd rather have loved and lost then be with stupid for the rest of my life. Its time for him to be with someone who makes him happy and that isn't such a sourpuss all the time

nonmember avatar Cheryl

I do not see it hurting there careers either one. There personal life is.... There's no one else's . Both are great actor an actress . I know it hard to deprecate the two when everyone is so caught up in the two but everyone need to seperate

Bobbie Vaughn

girl giving flowerI'm happy they are back together, I think it's wonderful, it's his personal life and it's there future, if they love each other and can work this out then it's not up to the fans if it's ok, it's up to them. It's no one's business but there's. I'm excited that they are going to try and work things out, there's nothing wrong with trying to save a relationship, Good Luck to them and best wishes for a happy life. :O)

Lisa S. Gains

i don't know why it would affect his or her career. they r a good couple but Kristen need's to earn Rob's trust back. yes, i felt so badly for him. kristen on the other hand has had it stupidly hard...not even RUPERT got it as bad..i think he is a piece of S--T!!!...for what he did to his gorgeous WIFE and family. shame on u RUPERT!, yes i'm happy to say i am thrilled to see my COUPLE getting back together. if its ment to be then it is. CONGRATSSSSS 

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