New '50 Shades of Grey' Trailer Casts Ian Somerhalder With a Young, Innocent Anastasia (VIDEO)

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Ian SomerhalderThere's a brand new unofficial Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer that has just hit the web, and while it's not really any sort of shock that Ian Somerhalder has been cast as Christian Grey in this video -- Celeb Dirty Laundry's choice for Anastasia Steele may leave you scratching your head a bit.

In other fan videos that have been made, Alexis Bledel has been a favorite for the part, but this particular trailer switches things up by casting a young actress who already has a highly iconic role associated with her.

I'm talking about Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series of films. Yep -- CDL thinks Emma Watson may be a genuine possibility to tackle Anastasia's role.

Here's the clip -- it doesn't show very much of either Ian or Emma, but it'll at least give you a small taste of this combination:

Ok, so I'm definitely behind Ian Somerhalder being Christian, because ... well DUH! But the whole Emma Watson thing is creeping me out just a tad. Yeah, yeah, she's 22 years old, so she's all grown up now and we should take her seriously and all that good stuff. But I just can't seem to get the image of a little girl in a Hogwarts uniform casting spells and doing wizardry out of my head every time I hear the name "Emma Watson."

Somehow I can't picture her lying over a bed getting spanked and biting her lip and being surprised at the fact that she's turned on by the brutal treatment Christian is giving her. Can't you just hear her saying, "Oh! Oh my ... STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!" in her cute little British accent and giggling the entire time? I know Ana has a certain element of innocence to her, but Emma Watson is way too sweet and naive to accurately play the role. (And aside from that, Ron Weasley would be hopelessly crushed.)

What are your thoughts on Emma as Anastasia Steele?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Coralie Read

Ah.... Alexis Bledel. Good. Looks right. Spot on actually. Sorry if I sound like I live under the sofa or something but I have no idea who she is. Hope she can act, cos if she can she'd get my vote.

Coralie Read

Lucy Hale? The 'living under the sofa' thing again -  just Googled her too. Good..... they could get blue contacts I guess. 

Coralie Read

Me again! Going back through the older posts... Amanda Seyfried? Know her face - can't think where from though. Is she a natural blonde? Ashley Greene. Ah.... Twilight. Know her. Not sure. My vote, depending on acting ability, is for Alexis Bledel.

Donna Falls

No No No Not Emma Watson! Natalie Portman is the only logical choice. She has the look and the lip and the "flush" when she needs to. Please rethink. Ian, ok, if Chris Hemsworth doesn't work.

Sarah Hollins

NOOOO ana has to have big blue eyes wtf!!!! why do they do thissss!!!!!

Penny Gonzalez

Channing Tatum = Christian Grey  Perfect

Kristy Mongeau

Love Ian as the choice for christian but not Emma for ana there's better options out there ... i agree on sticking to the descriptions but the movies are never the same as the book theres always little differences we have to remember that as well...regardless who plays it if we all love the books like we say we should give the movie a chance <3

lasombrs lasombrs

that clip shows nothing of either of them lol.

I am all team Ian on this one. But I don't really feel Emma on this one. I think her innocence could come across well. But I think of her as to strong willed to fit Anna very well. Also she would have to be very good, like Hugh Laurie, at hiding her British accent because I do not think a British tone would fit Anna well at all. But some actors are very good at controlling how they speak, so if she can do it then maybe.

hhardin9 hhardin9

Boo!!!! I am an avid watcher of The Vampire Diaries and am pretty familiar with Ian's acting and while I would love to see him naked I just don't think he's the right guy and Emma Watson... WOW.  Who knows... they might surprise us all!

Heather S.

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