Amanda Bynes Pulled Over After Her License Is Suspended & Lives to Drive Again

amanda bynesYou know what? I'm starting to lose track of the Amanda Bynes traffic violations. There are just so many, and I'm sorry to report ... Oh god, I almost can't even bring myself to type the words. SIGH. Amanda Bynes was pulled over in LA last night. And even though she's had her driver's license suspended, she wasn't arrested or anything.

But the good news is, this time there was no damage and no one got hurt. Police pulled her over for driving without her headlights on (!!!) and then sent her on her merry way with just a warning. WHY?


Police aren't saying if they neglected to run her license or if someone was just being super-nice. Well anyway, let's review exactly why Amanda had her license suspended. Here's a little timeline, if you will:

I'm not sure if I've got everything in the above. Actually, I think someone out there needs to create an Amanda Bynes traffic violations tracker website to help us all keep track. No, scratch that, the police need to run her license next time they pull her over and take her freakin' keys away because this is ridiculous. Memo to LAPD: Amanda Bynes, memorize her photo, arrest her if you see her behind the wheel of a car because she's dangerous.

Maybe I'm not one to talk. If the tabloids had been following me around when I was in college (and thank goodness they weren't because English majors spend most of their time just sitting around reading), I would have looked like an out-of-control drunk driver, too. The thing is, I wasn't -- I was a good, tee-totalling Mormon girl at Brigham Young University. I was just a careless space cadet. Still am. Which is why I don't drive.

Hey wait a minute, I just realized something! I'm a careless space cadet so I don't drive ... MAYBE AMANDA BYNES SHOULD TRY THAT OUT. You know, not driving. Of course, we always say that and she never follows our advice. So I expect to be writing another Amanda Bynes tale of driving woe in, oh, approximately a week or so.

Why do you think police let Amanda get away with driving with a suspended license?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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