'Teen Mom' Finale Special Recap: Maci & Ryan's Secret Is Explosive

Teen Mom The Teen Mom finale special with Dr. Drew moved into part two tonight with an evening of explosive fireworks with Maci, Ryan, and Dr. Drew. It's hard to believe it has been four years since we started watching these women, and it's also hard to believe how much everyone has grown.

They have grown in every way, too. If someone had said four years ago that Maci and Ryan could sit on a stage with Ryan's significant other and be civil, almost to the point of being unrealistic, most of us would have never believed it.

They talked about their relationship like grown-ups! Although it wasn't all wine and roses. There was some drama, too.

Ryan's girlfriend Dalis seems to plan to be in it for the long haul with Ryan, but she and Maci still had some things to work out. Like was national TV REALLY the best place to out Ryan's flirtation with Maci. I can appreciate that they are all still young and single, but come on? How does this help Bentley?

I also took issue with Maci's claim that she is the "most important person in Bentley's life." Sure, it's true that she is one of them. And it's also true that she is a great mom and is always there for her son. But so is his dad. His dad may have been not so hot in the early days, but he has changed. He is just as important to Bentley. It's a fact.

Kids need their daddies.

Now that national TV won't be constantly peering into their lives, maybe things will improve for these moms. My guess is they will improve for Maci. From the special, there was some implication that Maci and Ryan might get along better than it seems on camera. Good for them if that is true.

They hide their "secret" well. One of the funniest/most awkward exchanges of the night was when Dr. Drew told Ryan he is "pulling" for them and Ryan scoffed.

"What are you pulling for?" he asked. It was uncomfortable. It was Ryan. He comes across as a jerk, but underneath that, he is a good dad. I think we are ALL pulling for them.

The end of the show is bittersweet, but I am sure we will get updates. We better!

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Kadie Burns

After watching this..I'm starting to think Maci wants Ryan back and is jealous of his new relationship. All the childish things she has done this season really surprised me. She needs to move on and stop trying to control Ryan's life.

Lori Schryver

Ryan is rude and arrogant just like Gary, they call their ex-girlfriends awful names. Amber better get it together because Gary will keep Leah away from her. Ryan, just doesn't want to pay child support. Ryan's psrents are jerks too.

xxshe... xxshelbyxxx

im sorry but you said weve watched these "women" grow..theyre not womem, theyre children still. yea this show is entertaining sometimes but i think they couldve had the chance to be better mothers had their lives not been broadcasted from the moment the babies were conceived.

Kelly Adkins

the secret is not really that explosive. Maci told dalis that ryan called her the weeked they were at the beach and said him and dalis were fighting and that he wanted to come over and hangout and go out with them. -.- Its a diss to dalis and all but its not really that big of a deal. But i also guess it depends on the person.

Christina Reyna

Teen Mom 15 year reunion.... whose gonna be a grandma!  <---- Thats what I wanna see

Trina Milton-winfield

Please ryan is a jerk and always will be a jerk. That boy dont want nothing to do with that child the only reason he is being bothered is not to pay child support, to piss maci of and hurt her as well, and hell if his parents weren't in the picture please Bentley would be non existent to him.

candy... candyw210

Ryan is a piss poor excuse for a dad! The only reason why he wants joint custody is so he wont have to pay child support and his mom seems to be pushing him. His mom and dad are the ones who do all of the work when he has his son! Did you miss that one? Remember the episode when he could not even pick up his own kid from daycare; even though he was told ahead of time what time to pick him up and he said he would be there; but he didn't pick him up because he was at his girlfriends house. I'm sorry but that's messed up and Bentley knew his daddy didn't show; You know when your kid needs to be picked up yet you choose not to because you are at your girlfriends house! . The lazy ass doesn't even work!! Mommy and Daddy pay for everything. And remember why Maci left him; because he was a dead beat. He may have been physically there but he complained if he had to change a diaper or God forbid wake up with his own kid. I truly believe if his parents were not pushing him to fight for 50/50 custody he would care less. You ever notice the lazy ass yawns every five seconds like he has such a hard life to be tired from! I hope Maci gets to keep sole custody of Bentley. She is definitely hands down 100% the better parent. And I think she definitely plays a more important role in her sons life than Ryan. She does everything for that boy and Ryan's mom and dad do the rest

nonmember avatar dee dee

it is pretty obvious that Maci is still madly in love with Ryan. While Ryan detests Maci. His parents do all the work withBently when Ryan's custody time comes up and yet he has the nerve to ask for more custodial rights. I have never understood why his parents seem so nonchalant with his rude, mean, behavior. Just curious, why does Ryan hate Maci sooo much?

Carmen Rentschler

Although Amber appears to be troubled, I don't understand why FAT Gary constantly pushes her buttons? I wish the custody judge could see how detremental he is to her mental stability. When he got her pregnant, shouldn't he have been arrested for statutory rape?

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