'Teen Mom' Finale Special Recap: Maci & Ryan's Secret Is Explosive

Teen Mom The Teen Mom finale special with Dr. Drew moved into part two tonight with an evening of explosive fireworks with Maci, Ryan, and Dr. Drew. It's hard to believe it has been four years since we started watching these women, and it's also hard to believe how much everyone has grown.

They have grown in every way, too. If someone had said four years ago that Maci and Ryan could sit on a stage with Ryan's significant other and be civil, almost to the point of being unrealistic, most of us would have never believed it.

They talked about their relationship like grown-ups! Although it wasn't all wine and roses. There was some drama, too.

Ryan's girlfriend Dalis seems to plan to be in it for the long haul with Ryan, but she and Maci still had some things to work out. Like was national TV REALLY the best place to out Ryan's flirtation with Maci. I can appreciate that they are all still young and single, but come on? How does this help Bentley?

I also took issue with Maci's claim that she is the "most important person in Bentley's life." Sure, it's true that she is one of them. And it's also true that she is a great mom and is always there for her son. But so is his dad. His dad may have been not so hot in the early days, but he has changed. He is just as important to Bentley. It's a fact.

Kids need their daddies.

Now that national TV won't be constantly peering into their lives, maybe things will improve for these moms. My guess is they will improve for Maci. From the special, there was some implication that Maci and Ryan might get along better than it seems on camera. Good for them if that is true.

They hide their "secret" well. One of the funniest/most awkward exchanges of the night was when Dr. Drew told Ryan he is "pulling" for them and Ryan scoffed.

"What are you pulling for?" he asked. It was uncomfortable. It was Ryan. He comes across as a jerk, but underneath that, he is a good dad. I think we are ALL pulling for them.

The end of the show is bittersweet, but I am sure we will get updates. We better!

Will you miss Teen Mom?


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nonmember avatar TeamTeenMom

I like to think i keep up with my trashy reality tv, BUT I didnt even know these guys were back on TV. Looks like my night will be consumed with some DVR action. I LOVE THIS CAST of TEEN MOM>

banan... banana-bear

So what's the "explosive" secret??? Did I miss it?

jspla... jsplash23

yeah when the cameras are off I would bet money that Ryan will stop caring nearly as much. Please Ryan's mom wants joint custody of that baby not Ryan. Ryan wants to not pay child support. 

twili... twilightsbella

@ banana-bear thats the same thing i was thinking :/

Tripl... TripleDee30

Apparently the explosive secret was that Maci said Ryan texted her while they were on vacation (the one on which Maci & her entourage creepily followed Ryan & his family).  She said that Ryan texted her because he & Dalis were fighting and he wanted to hang out with her and her entourage and go to "da club" with them.  He denied it.  I kinda believe he did it, but not because he wanted to hook up with crater face Maci but instead with one of her hanger-on friends.  :-D

bella... bella_angeleyez

I'm going to miss it. <3 that show


Alain... Alainalynn

lol crater face maci

abra819 abra819

Your delusional about how good of a dad ryan is.

beent... beenthere78

I thin Maci acts more immatire now than she did at the begining of the series! Her "explosive secret"....inapropriate and immature to save that "ace in the hole" for national TV. I hope Ryan does get joint custody so Maci has to butt out of his personal ife and simply co-parent.

Joy Mack Gentile

Ryans paren't want custody he don't what a joke and he is an jerk your rt


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