'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Rumors Cast Strikingly Handsome Brothers as Christian & Elliot

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Liam Hemsworth and Chris HemsworthCasting any of the leading roles in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is going to be a pretty tough decision, because whoever lands the parts could definitely make or break the film. If fans don't think their favorite characters are portrayed right on screen, there is the potential for the movie to wind up as a box-office disaster. And that's why casting both Liam Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth in the film is probably not such a bad idea.

Yep -- Fifty Shades of Grey movie cast speculation is running rampant these days, and believe it or not, Chris and Liam potentially starring in the flick together has now popped up on the rumor radar screen. (Holy eye candy alert.)

OMG. Can you even begin to digest this combination of hotness? Why hasn't this scenario popped up before? You have to admit, it would be pretty tough to choose between Liam and Chris when it comes to filling Christian Grey's spot, so why not make one Christian and one Elliot Grey? (Duh, yes, I know that would mean Chris would play Elliot and Liam would be Christian.)

And even though Christian and Elliot's characters in the book aren't biological brothers since both were adopted, it still couldn't hurt to have them share the same strikingly good looks. If anything, it will only make their characters seem even more intriguing.

And regardless of their acting skills, it's tough to ignore the obvious -- these two are incredibly fun to look at, and the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is bound to be visual, to say the least. If the point of the film is to really turn us on, casting the Hemsworth brothers is a great start to set things up for success.

Would you like to see either Chris or Liam (or both) cast in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie?


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Irene Williams

Christian and Elliott Grey were adopted so did not look alike! It will certainly be difficult casting this film, I recommend Channing Tatum for Christian!

nonmember avatar Stefanie

Exactly! They can't look alike if they were adopted... Bad idea for casting IMO. Once a Matt Bomer fan, always a Matt Bomer fan! :-)

Racheal Thacker

I want Matt Bomer for Christian Grey

Nicole Morin-Lightfoot

I agree...they should NOT look alike as they do not have the same parents! While I agree these men are extremely attractive, I do not think they fit the roles.

Amy Maggs


Jessica Enloe

I would se the movie if they cast them I dont care that their adopted in the books.

Katie Banks

id still see it also however i really only see ian somerhalder  as christian and as elliot i think kellan lutz  is a good choice for him but i think liam is good too for christian 

Karin Hiller Marcinko

Channing Tatum as Christian Grey....all..the..way!!

nonmember avatar Regina

I think it would work. They look far enough apart as it is (one a little more edgy looking than the other). I think the one on the left in the pic that accompanied the article would be great as Elliott. I think the one on the right would have to shave. I can't remember Christian's exact description since it has been months since I've read the books. And I read them in one weekend, so I went through them pretty quickly. Looks like I will have to re-read them to be sure :)

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