'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Khloe's Fertility Fears Are Confirmed

Khloe KardashianFor years now rumors have swirled about Khloe Kardashian being pregnant, not being able to get pregnant, and a whole host of other issues in between. We knew that she saw a doctor last season and things supposedly looked fine, but there still has been no pregnancy that we know of. Tonight on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we saw her find out what really may have been (and still is?) preventing her from getting pregnant.

While she'd seen a regular OB/GYN and other doctors, she'd never seen an actual fertility specialist. Kim, who was worried about her own fertility and considering freezing her eggs, actually suggested going to Khloe and made a double appointment for them. Khloe admitted that she was scared, and that in the back of her mind, she knew something was wrong.

It appears she was right.

After telling Kim that she was all clear and could start freezing her eggs anytime she wants, the doctor gave Khloe the news -- she didn't ovulate that month. And, of course, when there's no ovulation, there's no possibility of a pregnancy. The episode ended there and is "to be continued," but Khloe was evidently upset and terrified.

I'm hoping that next week we learn more and find out that her issue is treatable -- as many ovulation problems are. But no matter what happens, I have such admiration for her for sharing this painful part of her life. So many women face similar problems, and they're often heartbreaking. Seeing her go through it has got to be comforting for many.

Seeing Kris Jenner go through her second boob job, however, did no one any good. Why the hell she chose to share that with the world, I don't know, but there she was post-operation begging her children and Scott Disick to look at her tits. The only thing weirder than that was the fact that Bruce Jenner didn't seem to be there for her surgery or afterward.

There was also the little matter of Scott considering getting a vasectomy without telling Kourtney. Fortunately Rob Kardashian ratted him out and told Kourtney -- who no longer believes in birth control -- and they hashed it out. But those two, per usual, don't even seem to be in the same library, much less on the same page of the book. I can only imagine how difficult it was for Khloe to see them discuss whether they want two kids or 600 with such nonchalance when she'd do anything to have just one child.

Khloe didn't tweet nearly as much during this episode as she usually does, and at one point she let followers know how hard this one was for her: "I'm not a big crier. So I'm not too excited about what's coming up. Might have to stop watching. Sometimes hate reliving tough emotions." That was followed only by one more that told fans how much she loved them and a retweet of a quote that read, "Faith is having the courage to let God have control."

Hopefully the appointment we saw tonight was the beginning of Khloe getting to the bottom of her issues and figuring out a way that she and Lamar can realize their baby dreams one way or another. She certainly has a lot of love being sent her way and plenty of people cheering her on.

Do you admire Khloe for sharing her fertility struggles?


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nonmember avatar Annmarie

Im glad she is finally getting some help and letting the viewers see it, it highlights that some of us struggle to have a baby and may never have one. My husband and i have had fertility issues, had 2 rounds of IVF, didn't work. It is a struggle everyday. I loved watching Bill and Gilliana go through it and now maybe watch Khloe and Lamar's story. Good luck

nonmember avatar Chase G

Katy Khan you are aware that no two women (people) are the same? I've NEVER had a regular period but I'm very fertile (15, 14, 9, 3, and 9 months). During my young ignorance, I thought I was LUCKY to not have a period 5 days a month, every month. Of course I know now that it wasn't something to feel lucky about. And as another commenter said, some people know but it's a whole different emotion when you KNOW. May be hearing that she won't have babies without intervention (or at all) just wasn't something that she was ready to hear. Smile Kathy and the world will smile with you! IJS.

nonmember avatar me

Khloe is awesome, Kris needs to live on a deserted island by herself where no one can give her attention.

Lisa Jimenez

that is just mean! why do people judge others when they don't even know them!

laura... laurahuizar

absolutely I admire khloe for putting her struggle to have a baby and the whole fertility clinic visit on national TV for everyone too watch thats a lot of courage if people disagree and bad mouth her because of that then theres something wrong with you!! I dont know what its like to be able to not get pregnant and i have never dealt with miscarriages so i cant really say i know exactly how she feels because I dont all i can say is when she does get pregnant she will be an amazing mom she needs to figure out what the problem is and go from there god will bless her and lamar with a baby it may not be tomorrow, next month or even next year but one day she will have a little blessing.

nonmember avatar Passerby

"If she isn't ovulating she's not getting regular periods."
That isn't necessarily true. There are several different causes of lack of ovulation, and only some also stop menstruation. It is possible to have no outward physical signs and still not be ovulating.

dawnie1 dawnie1

I was on birth control pills for years. When I went off to have children I could not get pregnant. My ob/gyn told me to give it two years, this after testing my hub  to make sure swimmers were swimming and as my periods were like clock work I must be ovulating. Still no baby. Turns out eggs were dropping but not getting to were they needed to be.

nonmember avatar olo

There are many more important things in life than getting pregnant. If you are infertile, and still want children...then adopt. We are more than what our womb can produce. I really fail to see what is so upsetting about not being able to conceive your own kids. What utter selfishness. Adopt and move on with your life.

Elizabeth Tang

I don't wish that on anyone, because I'm dealing with the same issue...but honestly money makes it possible. lol sad but true

Kristen L. Galardi

Katy Khan, you're simply being rude and offensive. Teens can often have irregular periods for a number of reasons--diet, exercise and certain activies all play a part. It certainly does not mean there *must* be infertility issues. I'm not going to share my life story on this website, however I am speaking from experience with this topic and was utterly repulsed by your comment. For my young age (29) there didn't seem to be any reason to seek out a specialist until after my husband and I tried for three years with no success. You should be appalled at your lack of sympathy and, quite honestly, your lack of knowledge about this entire subject.

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