5 Signs Kristen Stewart's Comeback Has Offically Begun

Kristen StewartLeave it to Kristen Stewart to make a comeback at the MTV Video Music Awards when she wasn't even in attendance. If I was Kristen, I'd be sending a few dozen edible arrangements over to VMA host Kevin Hart right about now.

Naturally, Kevin included Kristen in his opening monologue -- she's the main character in one of the biggest scandals of the year. But ironically, his speech was in defense of her cheating ways. And it started to make me wonder, are things starting to look up for Kristen?

Yes, yes they are. Here's how ...

1. People are getting tired of the scandal: Celebrities and fans alike listened as Kevin Hart compared Kristen to other scandal-prone celebrities. Nobody's perfect. We're all human. And in Hart's words: It's over. Move on.

2. Rob's being pretty cool about things: You would think he would want to drag Kristen's name through the mud -- but he's doing the exact opposite. In fact, Rob is even going out of his way to ask Twilight co-stars to be nice to Kristen!

3. Kristen's first red carpet appearance at the Toronto Film Festival was a hit: I mean, look at her. Her makeup is to die for, that dress is simply stunning. She looks fierce with a capital F. Work it, girl!

4. Kristen's already receiving rave reviews for her upcoming movie On the Road, which comes out in December. She was even referred to as "perfect" in the role of Marylou.

5. Fans still adore her: Her first red carpet appearance was understandably nerve-wracking, but thankfully K-Stew has tons of loyal followers who came out to support her.

And there you have it. Kristen seems to be holding her own. Britney Spears isn't the only one who can bounce back from a scandal. She's KStew, bitch! She's got this.

Are you happy to see Kristen Stewart making a comeback?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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twili... twilightsbella

Sorry im nolonger a fan of her. Shes a whore. I love robert pattinson

Rita Curry

 Anne, I'm with you on this one. Michelle, you have to be an idot!!! Do you think. Summit, is stupid enough to sabatoge

Kay7684 Kay7684

No, I still don't like her for the role of Anastacia. 

nonmember avatar Shann

Shes human like all of us, but I don't want her as Anastasia. We need a new face. Shes the face of Twilight.

Rita Curry

  Summit, has invested way too much money, to pull a dumb stunt, like this, just before the last movie. Their love was & probably, still is real. Just going through a really bad time, because, Kristen made a dumb mistake. Hopefully, Rob will, reconsider, his feelings, & at least talk with Kristen. She didn't kill anyone, just hurt all of her fans & Rob. So I don't want to see or hear the trash you are mouthing off. So just shut up.

nonmember avatar Candi

She may have loyal fans, but I, for one, support Robert. He's being a gentleman by not publicly declaring what a whore she is, which doesn't surprise me. She's lucky she wasn't booed off of the red carpet. She deserves the pain and embarrassment that him finding a decent, gorgeous girl that will not take

him for granted, will bring. Go find a middle aged creep that doesn't make you feel inferior to kiss on. You blew it girl!

Latisha Harrison

B4 everyone judeges her make sure you can look in the mirror and say your life is perfect!!!

Krissi Stafford

  I could care less about her personal life.  But I think she would be an awful Ana and Pattinson would be an awful Christian....



Mary Adams Ostrom

some of you need to get a life. Like Latisha said before you judeges her make sure your life is perfect

if Rob get bsck with her so what  he was in love with her I thank they are go togather Love you Rob and Kristen

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