New 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Trailer Almost Makes Us Forget About Kristen's Cheating (VIDEO)

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By far, one of the highlights of the MTV Video Music Awards last night was when (most of) the Twilight cast reunited on stage to introduce the new Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer. The final chapter in the Twilight Saga is something we've all anticipated for months, but you have to admit -- it was a little bit weird to see Robert Pattinson introduce the clip with Kristen Stewart nowhere in sight.

Even though she was busy strutting her stuff on the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival, everyone knows her absence from the VMAs had everything to do with how humiliated she is after being caught red-handed cheating on Rob.

And I'll be the first to say I was a little bit worried about how Rob would handle himself in front of the crowd, but he actually seemed just as cool and collected as he always is -- and he didn't look the least bit heartbroken over being forced to watch a snippet of Bella and Edward's cold-blooded love fest.

Regardless of the cheating fiasco, Breaking Dawn Part 2 does look like it's going to deliver plenty of action, drama, and suspense in addition to the romance factor. Here's the new trailer -- vampire Bella isn't someone you want to mess with! (And I'll bet she'd kick KStew's butt if she had the chance.)

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So, what do you think? The movie looks pretty awesome, right? Even though it's a little bit harder to buy into the chemistry between Edward and Bella now that Rob and Kristen are over and done with -- the trailer is still a great tease and leaves us wanting more. And even if Kristen's cheating turned you off to her for good, be honest -- will you really be able to resist heading to the theater in November to see how the series wraps up? (I highly doubt it.)

What do you think of the new trailer?


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ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

But they are celebs and in magazines. If its none of our business, then why are you getting excited IN ALL CAPS! We all have different opinions. Grow up.

Sandy Garrett

I really wish the media and everyone one else would quit bashing Kristin Stewart...she is young and she made a mistake...and even though she was in a relationship and in the wrong...they aren't married. I haven't seen not one negative comment about the much-older MARRIED director who had a lot to do with this fiasco. He was her director and in a position of being a mentor of sorts. Leave her alone and start making the MARRIED W/CHILDREN UNFAITHFUL HUSBAND SQUIRM FOR A BIT!!!

Rita Curry

 We all know that they are not Edward & Bella, but their relationship was very real. Those that don't believe That, are just crazy. I was on my computer one day, looking at Twilight, behind the scenes & deleted scenes, when I heard Rob say, I couldn't believe I could fall in love so fast, as I did with Kristen. So don't try to tell me that they were not really a couple.

Rita Curry

  They were still in love, when the second movie was filmed, as it was at the same time,as the first Breaking Dawn, as they made both, at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rita Curry

 That trailer is absolutely great. I will be sad, to have to say goodby, to all of this. I know that they all have more movies to make, & we will seethem in those. It just won't be the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Lexi_ADN

"[...]it's a little bit harder to buy into the chemistry between Edward and Bella now that Rob and Kristen are over and done with[...]" Why would it be hard to buy? they were still together when it was filmed. Its not like they did not still have great chemistry then.

Kathy Martin Pearson

I think Kristen is a decent actress.. she is certainly not the worst.. like Will ferrell..he is just STUPID.. I love the Twilight Saga and can't wait for this movie... but it looks as if they are not going by the book..because at the end they really don't fight that much..Bella has a power that keeps them from touching any of them..

Jennifer Kash-Miller

People they are young, they make mistakes, if you put them on a pedistal its your problem.  If they can work it out its great if not they hopefully will learn more about what love truly is,  Their acting and they have made 5 great movies for us to lose ourselves from our daily problems and can enjoy for now and for the future.  Give them a break and let them have some peace.


Danielle Billy


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