Amy Poehler & Will Arnett's Split Further Crushes Our Romantic Dreams

Amy Poehler and Will ArnettThere are celebrity splits that everyone figured were just a matter of time -- Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for example. And then there are those that make us scream, Nooooooooooooo! -- like that of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett who announced today that they're separating.

It's seriously depressing and disillusioning news from one of the funniest couples of all time. They've been married for nine years and have two sons together -- Archie, 3, and Abel, 2. They've worked together, played together, and seemed to be happy together. Of course, as we learn more and more with every split, marriages are rarely what they seem.

They are just so funny and have provided so many laughs over the years, it's hard to imagine them dealing with what must have been so much sadness at home. And it's disheartening about love in general.


In 2009 Arnett, who currently stars in Up All Night, told People, "The first time I saw her onstage, I said, 'I'm gonna marry that girl.'" And he did, which was such a great fairy tale beginning. What happened in the meantime to make it end like this?

Neither Poehler, star of Parks and Recreation, nor Arnett has given a reason for the split, but my guess is it will be chalked up to irreconcilable differences, like it usually is. It seems Hollywood is severely lacking in reconciliation skills.

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On the heels of Heidi Klum and Seal's divorce and countless other cases of love gone wrong, it's really starting to feel like no one in Hollywood can make it together for the long haul. Oh they do -- Denzel and Pauletta Washington have been married 29 years; Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach have been married 31 years; and there are a few others people will rattle off. But you really have to look hard in Hollywood to find them. It's a shame too, especially when such young children are involved.

Best of luck to Poehler and Arnett as they work through this difficult time. It's never easy, but let's hope they at least handle it with as much dignity and compassion for one another and their children as possible.

Are you surprised to hear that Amy Poehler and Will Arnett have split?


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