Jenelle Evans Snares Her Rival Into a Twitter Feud Using a Sexy Photo as Bait

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dalis connellWelcome to How Not to Fall for the Trap Jenelle Evans Left for You 101. Today we're going to learn how to avoid her Twitter snares. First up: The irresistible link Jenelle tweeted about Dalis Connell the other day. "Ryan Edwards current girlfriend Dalis Connell strips down to her bra?..." And there's a link to a post featuring Dalis doing a very Fifty Shades pose in lacy black lingerie. Scandalous! Will Dalis fall for it?

Hook, line, and sinker.

And cue Twitter war. "Um seriously? That was like 7 months ago. & not for the public. But ofcourse this world is about making others look bad," Dalis tweeted back. You know you want to hear how this all played out, right?

"Thanks for feeling the need to put that all over twitter. #notcool," Dalis adds. (Yeah, says the gal posing in a bikini in her profile pic.) Then Jenelle comes back with a who me, baiting you? retort. "I'm not the only one who posted it, where do u think I got it from?? Another site." And another thing! "I didn't say anything bad."

LOLZ, Jenelley, of course you didn't! You just posted a photo of a girl in her undies with the provocative phrase "strips down to her bra," by which you surely meant, "Doesn't this young lady look nice in her brassiere?" Like, in a way it was more of a compliment, okay? Except Jenelle says, "what do you think?" and more or less invites a crowd of strangers to bully Dalis. Oh she's a tricky one, that Jenelle.

Let me put in Twitterspeak: @dalispaige U dont have 2 respond 2 @PBandJenelly_1s trolling, U can jst ignore it. #LukeItsATrap Got it? When Jenelle dangles a naughty photo of you for the masses, she's just daring you to respond! And then she's going to come right back and claim she never meant any harm. Ignore her and she'll eventually move on to easier prey. Don't bite the bait 'cause it bites back. #IllBeHereAllWeek #TryTheLobster

Do you think Jenelle's tweet about Dalis was really as innocent as she says it was?


Image via @dalispaige/Twitter

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Maya Holland

@PinkmanieDalis EDWARDS???????? Her last last name DEFINTELY isn't Edwards LOL.

nonmember avatar Kirstin

Why don't these people use their brains....if you take a picture or a video sooner or later it will find its way onto the internet...and if we stopped paying attention to Janelle or Amber maybe they will grow up

Sherah Sanchez

I dont like Dalis ever since she came into the picture she had been nothing but a instigator. She needs to mind her own business and stay our of Macy and Ryans business which is Bentley. I speak from experience becuase I was in the same situation and it only made it harder for the daddy just like in dalis case she is complicating things for Ryan. A word of advise for Ryan going to court wont give you the satisfaction that your looking for were Macy will not have this so called "Power" over you. She is bentleys mother she will always have that.

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