Bad Lip Reading Exposes ‘Twilight’ as a Comedy About a Dude Named Kevin (VIDEO)

bad lip reading twilightYou remember bad lip reading, don't you? Some genius on the Internet has poorly interpreted the mouth movements of everything from Michele Bachmann ads to Obama speeches to music videos, and now, after months and months of honing his craft, the bad lip reader has badly lip-read some scenes from Twilight, and holy shit, it's fantastic. "Kevinnnn" and "Dude! You slapped a fish!" Instant classics. Watch to see what the hell I'm talking about.


It's hard to beat Mitt saying, "I will force spiders and badgers on the enemy, and get 'em all to shut up," buuuuut, Robert Pattinson talking about how women's tongues smell bad? This contest may be too close to call.

How hilarious is this?


Photo via BadLipReading/YouTube

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