LeAnn Rimes Feeling ‘Better, Stronger’ But We Were Hoping for 'Nicer, Kinder'

leann rimes, eddie cibrianA week after entering treatment for emotional issues, LeAnn Rimes is on the mend. "She's already feeling better, stronger," a pal told People.

Trouble began for the singer after being mercilessly cyber-bullied by two women. I always think that heckling is a part of the job when you are a star. Put yourself on center stage and you are bound to get pummeled, right? Well, clearly Rimes missed that memo. This crooner is far from country strong.


She reportedly checked into a facility "to learn and develop coping mechanisms," her rep said last week. Which is kind of a shock considering how cruel she's been in the past, especially to hubby Eddie Cibrian's ex Brandi Glanville. Perhaps this is some sort of karmic retribution, don't ya think?

She told People,

I've been built up and torn down, built up and torn down. It's been difficult to tune people out, especially in the last few years ... I'm happy and healthy. I just want to be happier and healthier more consistently. I don't want to wake up and not truly be enjoying my life and these amazing things around me.

She plans to stay in treatment for 30 days, only leaving temporarily for a few Midwest concert dates in September. When she returns, perhaps she should spend time reflecting on her own behavior over the years. Has she always treated people the way she wants to be treated? Have her behavior, words, and actions ever sent someone near or over the edge? I am sure she has been subject to some uncalled for attacks over the years, but there is some truth to the saying that you get back what you give out.

Are you surprised by LeAnn's breakdown?

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