Teresa Giudice Claims She's the Real Star of 'RHONJ' & She's Right

Teresa GiudiceMuch of what comes out of the mouth of Teresa Giudice, star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, isn't always credible, or understandable for that matter ("ingredientses"?). But when it comes to knowing her value to the show, she speaks the truth -- she's the real star

Or at least that's what sources say she says. And "knowing" Teresa like we do, they're probably right.

A source told Reality Tea:

Teresa gloats at the fact Melissa [Gorga] is nothing more than a cast member. She isn’t the break out star she thought she would be. Teresa feels that Melissa is just one big joke. Teresa is out and about at appearances and book signings and Melissa is singing at Great Adventure.

And like her and her big ego or not, she's right. Would you watch RHONJ without Teresa? That would be a big negative, because even if YOU might, most people wouldn't, and therefore there would be no show to watch.

Teresa may not be nice, but damn if she doesn't make for some good TV. There's no way that any of the others could carry the show. Caroline Manzo has just turned into a big, annoying grump; Jacqueline Laurita and Kathy Wakile are simply too nice; and Melissa Gorga is ... Melissa Gorga. I go between liking her and being annoyed by her, but the fact is she could leave the show, and no one would really miss her. This apparently burns Melissa up as she thought her own brilliant personality would make her the big star. But she was wrong.

Melissa's alleged plan isn't really working out the way she had hoped. Teresa is still really popular and the main focus of the show.

It's unique really to the New Jersey Housewives too, as I can't think of another city that's so dependent on one star. Most of them have plenty of players in the drama game, but not so with the Garden State. And Teresa is smart to know her worth and capitalize on it, haters be damned.

"Teresa loves that the past 2 seasons revolve around her," the source continued. "It doesn't matter if people are talking good or bad. It's still all about her."

And unless Bravo brings back Danielle Staub (Please Andy Cohen, please!) or finds some hot new blood to bring on and stir things up, it's always going to be.

Do you think Teresa Giuidce is the real star of RHONJ? Would you watch if she wasn't on the show?


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linzemae linzemae

I personally can't stand her and I wish she wasn't on the show! Bring back dina!

Samfan97 Samfan97

I would still watch w/o Teresa. I actually cringe at most of what she says and does...it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

cleig... cleigh717

Is that the best photo u had on teresa? She looks more dragqueenish than usual! ANd yes she is the star of the show unfortunately the show only has less people than the other housewives shows and maybe teresa figured out drama makes the show so if the other women aren't bringing it its her responsibility. I don't care for the woman but it wudnt be a show without her. I missed dina too. But like I said dina figured out drama = show. So she checked out. . .

Steph... Steph1499

I would still watch.  I think she is a hot mess and will soon break down.  i roll my eyes 95% of the time when she is talking.  She doesnt seem to do any wrong but she does ALOT.  

Jscot... Jscott1216

I would def watch if they got rid of her. In fact I wish they would. If this is what we can expect from

Next season then I won't be watching any longer. Rhonj use to be my fav so did rhony but the women have gotten so ridiculous its not even entertaining anymore.

bubbi... bubbiboosmom

If they really want drama they should bring Dina and Danielle back. The others are just annoying. Not a big fan of Theresa but I do watch. She is no angel but not as devious as the other people seem to believe. She is just not that smart.

nonmember avatar Renae'

If Teresa left, what would ANYONE talk about? It seems as if the other folks kinda revolve around her and their issues with her. SERIOUSLY what would they talk about? There has to be someone everyone hates to keep the drama going from season to season, if it wasn't Teresa it would be someone else who viewers are supposed to hate.

James Casey

She's not the real star; she
s the real fool. Her husband has proven that.

nonmember avatar Putchka

Theresa is an idiot who stepped in s**t.

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