Pippa Middleton & Rich Old Men Can't Just Casually Hang Out Now

pippa middletonIt's a British invasion! First, we had Prince Harry traipsing around Las Vegas; now we have Pippa Middleton "canoodling" in New York City and the Hamptons! Who-oh-who will visit the U.S. next? One of Queen Elizabeth's corgis? Fingers crossed!

Over the long weekend, Pippa -- AKA Duchess Catherine's sister, AKA "her royal hotness," AKA the woman who's oft photographed "walking to work" with a cozy cup of coffee -- was in New York. Yes, that New York. She reportedly ate a delightful-sounding dish called "scallop dumplings" at a fancy restaurant -- and washed it down with what-I-presume was a fancy white wine. And she also was "seen" spending a good chunk of time with an attractive, wealthy older man who's dated his fair share of famous ladies.


Andre Balazs. Ring a bell? He's 55; he's a rich hotelier; and he dated Uma Thurman and Chelsea Handler, respectively. Balazs was supposedly "hosting" Middleton during her trip. He and Middleton, who apparently was here for meetings regarding her upcoming book (Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Family and Friends), were seen dining at a restaurant called Sunset Beach on Shelter Island with a handful of friends a few days ago. And of course with this sighting, the rumor mill started churning.

Are they together? They must be dating? When's the wedding? Will there be chicken and fish?!

Pippa needs to brace herself. She's a bona fide celebrity now -- and in our culture even non-bona fide celebs are reported on, so you best believe Pips is going to be closely watched. Maybe she is dating this Balazs dude, maybe she's not. Doesn't matter. It's going to be a "story."

What do you think of this?

Image via Danny Martindale/Getty

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