Ryan Gosling Set to Play Christian Grey, Says Husband of '50 Shades of Grey' Author

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ryan goslingJust when you thought it might be safe to sit back and relax, assuming Universal would hire a writer and a director for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie before casting their leading man! Now, an undeniably juicy rumor is swirling and hard to ignore, given its source. Speaking to Now magazine, E.L. James' hubby, Niall Leonard, said "last he heard" Ryan Gosling is set to play Christian GreySay whaaaa?!!

Granted, there could have been some kind of miscommunication or confusion in the way the question was asked or answered. Leonard may have even been messing with the media. So, let's not bust out the bubbly just yet. But if anyone would know what the inside scoop is with casting (besides the author and the studio), it would be the author's husband. So this little sound byte may be foreshadowing insanely exciting news.

After all, Gosling is pretty much everyone's (save the die-hard Ian Somerhalder fans) long-shot, fantasy pick for the role. I really can't see any fan or woman on this planet griping about him being cast as Christian. Oh, and he's SO cool that even straight guys -- who have been rolling their eyes at the Fifty Shades fervor --  secretly (or not so secretly) want to be Ryan Gosling. Universal knows that and I'm sure they realize casting the former Mousekateer as Christian could make for even greater mass appeal.

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Moreover, if Universal wants to save the film from being seen as schlocky softcore porn, getting Gosling to play Christian a surefire fix. The A-list actor would bring automatic cred to the flick. Geeze, depending on how primo the script and directing ended up being, it could make its way to the awards circuit!

Okay, maybe that's putting the cart before the horse. But there's no doubt about it -- Gosling as Grey would be a major coup. Guess we'll just have to wait and see if Universal really did pull it off!

Do you believe that Ryan Gosling's got the role in the bag?


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jec72579 jec72579

NOOOOOOOO Ryan Gosseling....... He is NOT nearly good looking or sexy enough to play Christian.

Nicole Fairbanks-Ruiz

no no and no he is just not right to play christian ! just no!

Allahanah Daley

that IAN dude is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY hotter and fits christian grey, not ryan

nonmember avatar Lynn Altizer

NO NO NO NO NO....he is nowhere sexy enough...it's ALMOST enough to make me NOT want to see the movie version of Fifty Shades....

Jenna Nicole

Ryan Gosling would not be a bad choice neither he kind of has the boyish persona that describes Christian in the books so I could definitely see him playing Christian but my first choice is Ian Somerhalder  but Ryan Gosling is definitely right there at the top to

Steff Bennett

It will ruin it for me if I am honest! You need someone extremely sexy and good looking! Like Ian Somerhalder Hmmmmm now your talking!

Wendi Beehler Shute

NOOOOO Way....Henry Cavill, PLEASE check into this actor..his looks completely make you think about Christian Grey.....I do realize these people have to agree and want to the play the part but once you look at this actor I'm sure you will agree!

Chrissy Mazzocchi

I prefer Matt Bomer but Ryan is fine by me! :)

Jenna Nicole

Ian holds all the cards for sure but Ryan is close if you have read carefully and have seen Ryan in many movies he has that boyish character quality he could pull it off


Lori Martinson Cyples

It needs to be Channing Tatum!  He has te body AND the looks!  His body, like ist says in the book....an inverted triangle.  Ryan Gosling has a nice body, but it's not the triangle look.  Channing Tatum has it!!

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