'Green Mile' Star Michael Clarke Duncan's Death Is Especially Cruel for Omarosa (VIDEO)

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We're heartbroken at this morning's news: Green Mile star Michael Clarke Duncan died yesterday morning after suffering from a heart attack almost two months ago. He was only 54. His girlfriend, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, had revived him herself after that heart attack. Then she flew doctors from all over the world to help Michael with his recovery.

And now we wish even more that Michael Clarke Duncan had lived. TMZ is reporting that he and Omarosa were secretly engaged! They were to be married this January. 


Obviously the news of Michael Clarke Duncan's death is tragic no matter what was going on with his love life -- but knowing he had big plans with Omarosa makes his death more poignant. Imagine deciding to live the rest of your life with a man only to watch him getting struck down by a devastating heart attack. But you save his life! But then, two months later he dies anyway.

Omarosa may have played the meanest Apprentice contestant on television, but in real life she won the heart of Michael. I know there was a side of her we never saw on the show. A side of Omarosa that Michael saw and fell in love with. I don't care what she did on reality TV, Omarosa didn't deserve to watch the love of her life die before their wedding.

Omarosa told Radar, "I am devastated. He was the love of my life." I hope, wherever she is, that Omarosa is surrounded by loving friends and family. Her own heart must be breaking right now. After these emotional ups and downs, she'll need a lot of support.

Have you ever lost a loved one to a heart attack in their 50s?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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