'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Aviva the Diva Gets Low

real housewives of new yorkWow, what an episode of The Real Housewives of New York, titled "Slutty Island," that was. You'd think the fact that Carole Radziwill called out Sonja Morgan for "butt f**king" (yes, she really said that) the Johnny Depp lookalike would be the biggest shocker of the night, but then so much more happened, that somehow became an afterthought.

It all started when Aviva Drescher arrived in St. Barth with her husband Reid in tow because she was too scared to fly alone. Men on girls' weekends always are an issue with Ramona Singer, and the little fact that Sonja and Ramona went to stake out real estate they could move into for the weekend if Reid got in their way was a pretty big sign of how strongly they felt about him coming. However, when he came and immediately made it clear that he was retreating to his room and planned to stay out of their way, there was a glimmer of a chance that things might just work out.

Only instead of just jumping into the party in progress, Aviva showed what a diva she is and started demanding that everyone thank Reid for bringing her there. And they did, but that wasn't enough for her, and she kept pressing the point ad nauseam. Yes, it was nice of him to fly her down, but it was supposed to be a girls' weekend, and I don't think anyone needed to bow to Reid just for bringing his wife down. A simple thank you should have been enough, but Aviva seemed like her gracing them with her presence was a huge gift and even said later that she had expected a party for her when she arrived

No, Ramona and Sonja weren't happy about Reid coming, but they would have moved on, and so should have Aviva. But she didn't, and -- egged on by the smug Countess LuAnn de Lesseps -- she came completely unhinged and unleashed on the two.

"You don't have anything negative to say about Reid being here, do you?" she probed Ramona aggressively. She was clearly trying to pick a fight, and LuAnn, the sneaky instigator that she is, was happy to fuel it right along by butting in and busting Ramona, "Yesterday you were saying how are we going to get Reid to leave." 

That set Aviva off in a rage, and after Ramona hysterically told her to "take a Xanax," Aviva called her disgusting and ungracious and all sorts of things. Then she went really low and called Ramona and Sonja "white trash." 

Aviva stormed off ready to pack up and head out because she wasn't staying anywhere where the women weren't ready to roll out the red carpet for her man. Poor Carole was left trying to deal with the whole mess when she really just wanted to be at her boyfriend's rehearsal. 

Eventually Ramona apologized, and they all hugged and made up well enough to go out to dinner together. But not without Aviva throwing out all of her credentials, "I went to law school, I went to Vassar, I speak several languages, I see and understand everything," she said when Sonja said maybe she'd misunderstood something. Got it, you're high class.

At dinner they were toasting to fun, but the tension was thick. Carole told Aviva that she should probably apologize for the whole white trash comment, but Aviva seemed to have no intention of doing so, and you know that's not the last we'll hear of it.

I can't wait to see where they go from here, and unfortunately we have to wait a whole week to do so. While this season got off to a dreadfully slow start, I've got to say they've more than made up for it since heading to St. Barth. Something about housewives on islands just works for RHONY ... in the most explosive, dramatic way.

Whose behavior do you think was the worst tonight?


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Steve Grantstein

Ramona is certifiable crazy. My guess is that sometime around 15 years of age she was tramatized. She got stuck at that age. She needs treatment asap.

nonmember avatar julie

Aviva is a HUGE drama queen!! Ramona may be a handful, and her worries about women bringing men on girls outings is well known. But Aviva thrives on creating drama and conflict and playing the victim!! Who cares if Ramona was worried about the dynamic. Thats hardly an insult. And nobody owes a debt of gratitude to Avivas husband but Aviva. She is the one who needed him. As if its a favor to all of them that Aviva is even there.

And Luann...jumping in to say how Ramona said X or Y....what a trouble maker.

Much ado about nothing. Not liking Aviva.

nonmember avatar sellia

Aviva is a nut. If your husband takes you somewhere,YOU thank him. What you dont do is dictate how people should greet you and he, ruin someone's good time (they were having fun prior to her arrival), or act like your husband couldnt stay in a hotel so that the ladies do not have to be mindful of a male pressence during a girl's retreat. She's a little of, i think

marigny marigny

Aviva totally acted a fool tonight. And the "white trash" comment was way over the line. She went to far but the bad part is she's not rational enough to even realize it.

nonmember avatar ruthless1

I hate being put in the position of defending nut jobs like Ramona...(screaming take a Xanax? Are you kidding me?!) but on this one, Aviva was really in the wrong.
Her continued insistance that they bend over backeards to kiss her husbands butt for bringing her there was completely out of line. You do not bring an uninvited guest ( no matter how neurotic you are) and then insist that everyone bow down to them on top of it. Very poor form.

Lisa de la Rionda

Aviva was way wrong.  No-one has to be beholden to her. She is fresh and out of order. This time, Ramona and Sonia were the victims for sure!  

Helen C Puentes

Aviva acted as the bully tonight. She came across as a spoiled, brat with no manners at all. I don't care how many languages you speak or what school you went to, you do not have the right to come into a domicile and act like you are the queen and everyone should bow and kiss your husbands butt, just because he held your hand on a plane. For goodness sake get a therapist and grow up. Not only is Aviva a perpetual victim, but she is giving LuAnn a run for her money on being the Stink Stick in the whole dynamic of the RHWNY.

nonmember avatar Amy

I am probably the last person to want to defend "Ramonja" but in this case, Aviva was the one behaving badly. Maybe all her anxiety finally hit her or she was tired, whatever, her behavior was outrageous. I feel for Carole on this trip, who is still clearly grieving her husband. She is smooshing it down and is really an emotional hurricane inside.

nonmember avatar Marlo

Aviva may have been a little over the top, but I think she got it right when she called Ramona and Sonja "white trash". There is nothing attractive about two drunk loud women. Money definitely can't buy class with these women.

doubl... doubledsmommy

I loved every second of when Aviva called Ramona and sonja white trash, because it is so true. So Aviva went a little over the top about her arrival, but she went out of her way to make trash Ramona feel welcome to her home for a week. And Ramona was being a bossy rude bitch then! So I'm glad Aviva sees the real Ramona, and hope she feels badly for defending her to Heather when Heather was right about her the whole time.

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