Matt Damon Cast in New '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

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Matt DamonAs we get closer and closer to casting being firmed up in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, fans aren't shy about voicing their opinions on who should (and should most definitely not) be cast in the flick to make it the perfect balance of steamy and mesmerizing drama on-screen.

And while the general consensus among fans who make fake or unofficial Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailers seems to be that Alexis Bledel is perfect for the part of Anastasia Steele, the choice of actors for other key roles in the film is kind of all over the place.

Believe or not, now Matt Damon has been thrown into the mix of possibilities. (Really? Matt Damon?)

This new unofficial Fifty Shades of Grey theatrical trailer shows Matt Damon as an important cast member, and judging from the clip, it looks like this fan possibly wants him to play the role of Christian's brother, Elliott Grey. It also features Matt Bomer as Christian Grey, and blond bombshell Blake Lively as Ana's roommate, Kate Kavanagh.

Here's the clip -- take a look and then we'll discuss.

I have to admit, I was a little shocked when Matt popped up at the end of the clip, because he just seems so, well -- vanilla. (Yeah, yeah, he's hot and sweet, but he's not very exciting these days.)

But after thinking about it a little more, he might be the perfect person to balance out all the erotic elements of the film. He has more than enough acting experience (and mad skills) to actually make the film more than just a slightly toned-down version of soft-core porn, which is pretty much what most people are expecting it to be. (Wouldn't it be a nice surprise if there were actually a decent storyline in the movie adaptation?)

If you had your pick of actors, who would you cast as Elliott Grey?

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nonmember avatar kb

Alexis Bledel fits the description of someone I would picture Ana looking like. Just NOT Kristen Stewart. Kristen Stewart is a horrible actress, she never smiles, and that huff she always makes is so annoyin. I love the twilight books, and the 50 shades books. but if Kristen is Ana this would totally ruin the books for me, and my image of Ana.

Jacqueline Wall

Lyndsy Fonseca as Anastasia Steele
Matt Bomer as Christian Grey

Marline Solis

I think that Matt Damon would be a great Taylor but not an Elliot.

Jennifer Camp

I just started reading the series and all I can say is wow...I am on chapter 7 I believe and so far it is amazing...I cannot wait to see the movie...But I may have to read the collection before I see the movie...

Gwen Lewis Ingram

I'm thinking he would be perfect as Taylor, Christian's personal assistant.

Terri Howard

Matt Bomer seems to have a problem with open mouthed kissing (with women) while he SHOULD be the perfect fit, much to my dismay I have to vote him out...

Ian Somerhalder and Lucy Hale! 

Def NOT Matt Damon for CG

Cathleen Wilson

I think Matt Damon would be a good pick for Taylor. He's too old to play Elliot. I'd pick Chris Helmsworth, Taylor Kitch or Kelon Lutz for Elliot.

Dianna Van Hees Conlon

Just a fans dream. Matt Damon is 41 & only 5' 10". It won't happen. Besides. THE MUSE, Henry Cavill will be cast as Christion. Word is starting to spread like wildfire that he so clearly was the source of inspiration. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Just research his career & you'll fin all the parallels scattered throughout the trilogy. We fans for Henry as CTG like to call it...Six Degres of HCavill to Fifty shades of Grey. =)This is coming from a fan who didn't know who Henry was before July 1st.

Stacie Little-Davis

I like this trailer all the choices are good. I think Matt would be a good Taylor or Dr. Flynn. The guy as Christian is a good choice as well as Ana. Even though I dislike Blake Lively she is what I would expect as Kate....

Andrea Finn


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