Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's Latest Comments About Sammi Sweetheart Are Shocking

Ronnie Jersey ShoreIt was a sad, sad day for everyone when we heard the news that Jersey Shore was entering its final season. I know I'll get a little misty-eyed every time I go to the gym, then go tanning, and then do my laundry ... in that order.

But if MTV says it's time to move on, then it's time to move on. And that's exactly what Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is planning on doing. He's actually leaving The Shore with a much more positive outlook than I'd expect. "I’m walking away with the girl of my dreams and some amazing memories. I’ll definitely be nostalgic but I’m ready to move forward," he said.

Um, Ronnie? Is that you? And are you talking about your rollercoaster ride of a relationship with Sammi Sweetheart?

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not a big fan of Ronnie. The size of his ego is about the size of his biceps and it's just never been attractive to me. But more importantly, he made me cringe as I watched season after season while he emotionally abused my girl Sammi.

Which is why I'm not buying the whole "girl of my dreams" garbage. They've spent years breaking up, getting back together, crying, cheating, screaming, smooshing, destroying furniture ... but now they're suddenly this totally smitten couple? Once the cameras stop rolling? Really? Sorry, Ron but I have to call your bluff.

If I know MTV like I think I do, then they'll be playing Jersey Shore marathons like crazy. And those reruns can't help SamRon's relationship. One minute they're planning on moving in together, and the next -- an episode comes on and Ronnie's motorboating a cocktail waitress and kissing two grenades at once. How can Ron and Sam possibly move forward in a relationship where you can purchase a DVD box set of your significant other betraying you like that?

And Sammi ... I'm sure it's nice to hear that you're the girl of someone's dreams. And I'm sure it's easy to get caught up in the moment. But the man still smashed your furniture to pieces and threw your bed out the window. Nothing dreamy about that.

Are you believing that Ronnie is really that smitten by Sammi after all this time?

Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar kiki20

you are funny

Megankae Megankae

I'm sure they play it up for the show.

mompam mompam

I always thought she was the crazy one. He was just too stupid to keep up. He never even knew why they were fighting.

Torra... TorranceMom

I think they're co-dependent.

rfhsure rfhsure

I was never a big fan of ronnie, but I also never really liked sammi either. She was whiny, controlling, they're very co-dependant, and she seemed often to intentionally instigate his anger. In a lot of ways it seemed like she enjoyed the fighting. Ronnie has serious issues, especially with anger, but ehy're oth in the wrong. She was sneaky with him too, and whenever she got called out on it she tried to turn it around on him or drop the subject. I didn't think she was very sweet at all.

inlov... inlovewithcraig

LOL Sammi would verbally abuse him too and she even talked to some dude behind his back so she is not a saint as u make her out ot be lol

e.nic... e.nicole.w

Both of them have said in the past that being in that house with everyone else is definitely not good for their relationship. Maybe when they are away from the cameras and everyone else they're a "normal" couple? I don't know but I think it would be hard to forget someone breaking my bed...I love my bed! :)

Momto... Momto3inMI

Their all a bunch of drunk immature kids trying to " play house". I dont care for any of them besides Pauly D who never argues or fights . The rest need to grow up big time!!

nonmember avatar Rae

He is a grown man with balls hanging from his neck. How could you take this man serious?

Miche... Michellio

Oh, dear. I fear that once the cameras are off, Ronnie will just turn into a regular old woman beater. Get out, Sammi!

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