'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Snooki Takes Her 'Boring' Baby to a Bar

SnookiIt’s been such a big week for Jersey Shore and the cast, what with Snooki giving birth and Jersey Shore getting its death notice. So it was a little hard to concentrate on Snooki & JWOWW and what happened months ago with all of that swirling around. Fortunately, the show doesn't take a high level of concentration.

First up Snooki dyed Jenni's dogs pink and purple. Don't worry, though, they used organic dye and the dogs weren't harmed, which MTV made abundantly clear. As much as I hate to admit it, they were a little bit cute that way ... in a twisted, I've-been-watching-Jersey-Shore-for-too-long kind of way.

Then came fake baby time. Jenni ordered them each a realistic mail-order baby that cried and did all of the other things real babies do. Unfortunately they didn't come in "tan" color, and Snooki was bummed hers didn't look like a little guido. She also found him pretty boring for the most part. (Oh just wait, Snooks!)

Not willing to let the babies get in the way of their fun, one night Snooki and Jenni took the two babies and three gay Joeys to a gay bar. Snooki stated that she'd never take her real baby to the bar, so we can all rest easy about that. Honestly, this whole season Snooki has shown time and time again just how mature and responsible she's become and how much she is putting her baby first, just like a good mother should. She even refrained from throwing the fake baby out the window when she wanted to sleep and it wouldn't quit crying.

Finally it was time for another ultrasound in which they found out the baby's sex. After many tears, the doctor found a "wiener" as Jionni liked to refer to it, and declared it a boy. JWOWW fist pumped, and Jionni looked like the proudest papa on earth. "It all feels real now," Snooki said. "I'm having a baby boy."

It was really sweet and made me think how happy they probably are snuggled up at home with that new little baby boy. Let's just hope they don't decide to dye Lorenzo ... even if the dye is organic.

Do you think Snooki is well prepared for motherhood?


Image via MTV

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Rachael Wilson

Motherhood comes naturally after having your first baby! It makes beautiful changes to yourself and just all those natural instincts! I think Snooki will be a wonderful mommy to her son! Enjoy your new addition to yours and Jionni's journey Snooki!!!

jessi... jessicasmom1

motherhood comes natural in the way of life to most .. congratulations Snooki on a beautiful boy

nacho... nachoqtpie

Motherhood does NOT come naturally!! I know SEVERAL people that after their babies were born simply dumped them off with their parents and kept on partyin! 


nonmember avatar Elizabeth

Motherhood DOES come naturally. But if you're in irresponsible piece of shit, you're going to ignore your child to pretend you still are one. Natural motherhood instincts and stupidity and laziness are two different things.

angel... angelofsaturn

No but is anyone really well prepared to be a parent?

I mean you think you're ready but until you have that lil baby in your arms you aren't really ready.

I mean you know the basics but as far as insane diaper rashes(always seemed to happen with teething) and how to get them to sleep alone you might as well find a baby whisperer.

Adem Dobratiqi

hello miss snooki you gat nice baby

abctexan abctexan

I agree angelofsaturn! All the reading and research and preparing in hte world can't REALLY prepare you for exactly what parenthood is like. I thought I knew stuff about being a parent but as soon as my daughter was born, I found out that what I knew wasn't always correct. Nothing repares you for parenthood more than actual parenthood lol

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