LeAnn Rimes Sues Twitter 'Meanies' Who May Have Caused Her Meltdown

LeAnn RimesWhen word came this morning that LeAnn Rimes was seeking treatment for "anxiety", plenty of scenarios came to mind as to why she might need help coping -- from a possible eating disorder to the usual substance abuse, there were musings a plenty. It turns out, however, that the real reason may be something no one ever considered -- Twitter.

That's right those little 140-word-or-less blasts out into the Twittersphere may have just driven the singer (she is still a singer, right?) over the edge. Evidence? Today -- just one day after she checked into rehab -- she filed a lawsuit against two women who she says harassed her on Twitter -- Kimberly Smiley and her daughter, Lexi Smiley.

A little coincidental, don't you think?

According to reports, the women are fans of Brandi Glanville, who is Eddie Cibrian's ex and star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They apparently voiced some anti-LeAnn sentiment via Twitter over the years, and LeAnn got fed up with it. In an attempt to woo them with her winning personality, she apparently called Kimberly and begged her to spend some time with her so she could see the real LeAnn. (Desperate much?)

According to Rimes' lawsuit obtained by TMZ, the Smileys then illegally tape recorded the conversation (don't blame them as it sounds insane!), and then spread it across the Internet. Rimes claims they painted her in a "false and negative light" and that they said she was "crazy and delusional." (Uh, let's hope she doesn't sue everyone who says that or we're all in trouble.) She's seeking $25,000 in damages.

So it sure sounds like the toll of Twitter was just too much for poor LeAnn, which is kind of ridiculous, especially since she's been the queen of mean in plenty of cases. No one likes to see negative things written about them anywhere, but with Twitter and Facebook in particular people are scathing. If you're in the public eye, you've got to learn to deal with it or get out of the biz, because you're just not going to win everyone over, even if you do think you're a big enough star that phone call from you will woo them.

Recording a phone conversation may be illegal, but suing someone for something so petty just makes Rimes look like she needs treatment worse than we thought. As for Kimberly Smiley, she pretty much nailed it on the head I think when she told the Associated Press, "I truly think this is a PR attempt to get people to think she's been victimized." Bingo!

Do you think this lawsuit is the real reason LeAnn Rimes checked into rehab?


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nonmember avatar kaerae

No one can "cause" someone to have a meltdown. Not everybody has good coping skills, and she seems to realize that she doesn't, and she's getting help with that and her other issues. And yes, when you're famous, people can be mean on line, but no one says you have to have twitter or read it, she should get offline and go write and record some songs. That being said, if you can sue people for causing you emotionaal pain and stress, maybe Brandi ought to sue her for screwing her husband (yes, along with Eddie himself). Hopefully she'll get some better coping skills in treatment and she can let it bounce off her in the future like hundreds of other celebrities who take more crap than her and just ignore it and live their lives.

Katie Hesney Johnson

i think everyone deals with stress different ways, and maybe this was her breaking point. 

i also think everyone needs to get the hell over hating leann rimes. again with the double standard, brad pitt cheats on jen with angie, no one is hating on him nearly as much as they hate on leann, or kristen stewart for that matter. do people have nothing better to do than hate on people they don't even personally know?

i hope leann gets better soon, no one deserves to go through this. 

jessi... jessicasmom1

everyone deals with stress in their own way 

nonmember avatar Mo

Um...if she didn't like what they were saying about her over Twitter, why didn't she just block them?

nonmember avatar Renee

Mo - she did block them. Not only was Kim Smiley blocked, but her account was set to private. So the question is, how does LR know what this woman says about her on twitter? It has already been proven that LR has other twitter accounts, so I am wondering if one Smileys followers isn't a fake LR account.

nonmember avatar KA

@kaerae - Yeah, people can drive you crazy. You obviously have not ever had to deal with someone being relentlessly mean to you for no good reason. What happens between LeAnn, Eddie & Brandi is their business, for those women to harass her is just downright mean. Everyone makes mistakes & what they did was wrong, but it isn't our place to pass judgment.

Tiffany Hudkins

Oh my gooness... cry me a river LeAnn.. I dont feel sorry for her one bit. When u make a decision to enter into a relationship the way LeAnn did, ur not gonna make friends. If anything, people are gonna dislike you. Especially if they r fans of the other team... get over it! LeAnn.. move on with ur life and accept the fact that ur choices in life have made you some enemies.. what did u expect?

Ander... Anderbee28

Why won't LeAnn just go away? If she was that upset about being harassed, leave twitter! No one will miss her incessant bikini pics anyway.

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

She called the person on twitter. Her and her friends took pictures and if its not our business then her business shouldn't be on twitter. Its one thing to be a homewrecking jerk. It is another to rub everyone's face in it and not expect a reaction. I don't watch anything by pitt or jolie either. Just as slimy. If you don't like the heat, take your boytoy and get out of the kitchen.

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