Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart May Reunite Just in Time for 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' Premiere

edward bella breaking dawn part 2For those of you who feel like the Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson cheating scandal may have been completely orchestrated to rein in a higher box office turnout for Breaking Dawn Part 2, wait 'til you hear this! Execs at Summit Entertainment are reportedly freaking out, keeping their fingers crossed that RPattz and KStew will end up kissing and making up. 

They haven't fully organized press plans for the fourth Twilight flick, which is due out in just a few short months, because they're supposedly "holding out to see if they get back together," an insider told The New York Post. Mmm hmm! Sure! Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I have a feeling they know exactly how this is going to play out!


The insider goes on to say:

At this point, the press strategy would have been mapped out. It’s usually very organized, but at this time it’s undecided.

Not buying it. We're talking about a franchise that has had hundreds of millions of bucks poured into it. These guys aren't wasting time by twiddling their thumbs and keeping their fingers crossed. My bet's on them either having had the breakup scripted from the get-go or working on something behind-the-scenes to reunite the couple and ensure smooth sailing in November.

Sources who spoke with The Post even went on to say that Summit's considering having Kristen and Rob could attend premieres separately (wonder how that works?) if they don't reunite, and they might have Ashley Greene take on a more prominent role, if fans are seriously hating on Kristen. Yeah. Suuure. I'll believe THAT when I see it!

Instead, I suspect a big "surprise" exciting reunion between the leading lovebirds will go down right before the premiere. Call it the Twilight franchise's own version of the fabled "October surprise." But to those of us who have been skeptics from the get-go, it won't look like that much of a surprise at all ...   

Do you think Kristen and Rob will get back together right before the BD2 premiere?

Image via Summit Entertainment

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