Heidi Klum and Seal's Divorce Nastiness Is As Shocking As Their Split

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Seal Heidi KlumI feel like it's a little weird to say that the romantic life of a celebrity couple affects me in any way, but I can't lie, I was bummed to hear about Heidi Klum and Seal's divorce. They always just seemed so happy, you know? Renewing their vows every year and pumping out adorable kids and rocking those insane Halloween costumes and all.

It was sounding like the couple's split was unfolding in a refreshingly drama-free manner: Seal was still wearing his wedding ring, saying it was "a token of how I feel about this woman," and their separation "doesn't necessarily mean that you take off your ring and you're no longer connected to that person." It even seemed there was hope they might reconcile.

Unfortunately, reports are trickling in that their divorce is definitely still happening -- and things are getting nasty.

You'll have to take some of this "information" with a generous serving of salt because it's coming from Star magazine, but apparently Seal has been contesting Klum's request for primary physical custody of their kids. He's also reportedly refuted Klum's assertion that there weren't any joint marriage assets to be divvied out, and that's one fight that could get ugly real fast, since Seal's estimated net worth is $15 million as compared to Klum's $70 million.

Worse, the couple are supposedly disagreeing over Seal's decision to use personal photos of their kids (Leni, 8; Henry, 6; Johan, 5; and Lou, 2) in a campaign for a Leica digital camera -- without asking Klum's permission. Seal had posted the Leica Portrait video on his website, in which he "explains the role photography plays in his life, his thoughts on the new Leica X2 and one of his favorite subjects to shoot: his children," but the video has since been made private, reportedly because Klum hired a lawyer to demand that Leica retract the images.

Who knows what's really up with these two, but I hope the tabloids are exaggerating the sparring that's going on as they work through their dissolution of their marriage. It was sad enough that they didn't make it, despite seeming like the rare Hollywood couple that had a strong foundation -- having their divorce turn into a public spectacle would just be a giant bummer.

Are you surprised to hear that Seal and Heidi Klum's divorce might be turning ugly? Do you think it's inevitable for this kind of high-profile split?

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Shellee Arnold

When money is involved it always turns ugly.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I wish they were still together 

Jennifer Kupper Swan

Really?  Star magazine is your source?  Other than the fact that Seal and Heidi are in the midst of a divorce, I doubt all of the details in that article.

troub... troublerx1

Considering the video of him shoving her into their car, the other video of him dragging her down the sidewalk & then pushing her into their car (yet again), it doesn't surprisen me at all. it seems as though he has anger & control issues (this has been proven several other times by eye witnesses too.) He seems to have a vengeful streak when he doesn't get his way.

Steph... StephMosDef

Leni isn't Seal's kid.

DebaLa DebaLa

It's all about the money at this point. The kid's are just used as a chip on the pretext of visitation and support.

nonmember avatar joie

I thought Seal adopted Leni. They got together when Heidi was pregnant and he was there since her birth. Or so I've heard.


I really don't think money is the issue, if he's using it its for a tool to get leverage, i had heard that he was a bit of a controller, what happens some times and i don't profess to know it as true in this case, is one becomes nasty because its the last resort to hanging on, once the thought of divorce becomes real and there's no turning back, not realizing that it only forges a bigger wedge between the two parties, I'm sure what began this was Seal's being in the background, and the more Heidi's popularity bloomed, the more jealous yet possessive he became until he was hurting as well as smothering her, Seal knows judges prefer giving children to mothers unless she's unfit, the only thing i can think of once again is he's still trying to figure a way to turn back the hands of time.

nonmember avatar meghan

He did adopt her.

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