Lindsay Lohan & 6 Other Celebs Who Got Banned From Posh Hotels

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chateau marmontIt's been a rough week for Lindsay Lohan. She was accused of stealing -- AGAIN! And now her favorite Hollywood hangout has banned her. Chateau Marmont now has a strict, No LiLo policy in place.

The hotel claims the actress has neglected to pay her bills. I'm not talking about a few overpriced Pepsis from the mini bar. Lindsay owes a whopping $46,350 from a recent 47-day stay. That's only a month-and-a-half!!

TMZ obtained a letter to Lindsay from the General Manager and it's clear the actress better not show her face there until the bill is resolved.

Ouch! Well, Lindsay can take solace in the fact that she's not alone. I'd even say she's in rather good company. Take a look at 6 other stars who have been booted from swanky hotels.

Britney Spears Her wild, head-shaving days may be over, but Chateau Marmont is not as forgiving as the pop star's fans. In 2007, she was banned for bad table manners. She supposedly smeared her dinner on her face and disturbed several other guests in the process.

John Travolta The Face/Off star was reportedly banned from New York City's Peninsula Hotel for "inappropriate behavior" at the spa in early 2000. Apparently, Travolta was being "creepy" during a massage. However, his ban was lifted after a few years.

Nicki Minaj The rapper was asked to leave London's Dorchester Hotel after hundreds of fans bombarded the posh lobby looking for her. The rowdy group got into fights and even spray painted graffiti on the elevator doors. “We've officially been kicked out of the hotel! Lmaoooooooo,” Minaj tweeted.

Charlie Sheen Big surprise, right! The ex-Two and a Half Men star trashed a room at Manhattan's famed Plaza hotel in 2010. There was $20,000 in damage. Now he is supposedly banned for life and other posh hotels refuse to book him now too.

Russell Crowe Looks like the actor can kick butt on and off the big screen. While staying at NYC's Mercer Hotel, he lost his temper with a desk clerk and threw a phone in the staffer's face. Crowe, who was initially charged with assault, pleaded guilty to a lesser crime and escaped jail time. He blamed the incident on jet lag, calling it "possibly the most shameful situation that I've ever gotten myself in." The hotel eventually forgave him.

Justin Bieber When a billion, love-struck tweens and teens stormed London's Langham in June 2012 in search of him, the hotel asked the pop star to leave. Bieber's reportedly been back since, though I assume he is more stealth about check-in these days.

Do you think the hotels are overreacting by banishing stars?

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jwoolman jwoolman

Sounds as though Linds is the only one on the list to be banned for not paying her bill. Even Charlie paid for damages. She is now trying to claim the producers of her Lifetime movie, that was filming with her on a low budget for only two or three weeks and tore their hair out trying to get her insured, inexplicably promised to pay her Chateau bill for two months even though she's an LA resident. Good luck with that.

mamivon2 mamivon2

Because they stars and have money doesnt mean they can act like cavemen

femal... femaleMIKE

How was Lindsay able to leave without paying the bill.  The hotel would have charged me at check otu.

Robert Salinas

Lilo is a dumba$$.  One of those that had the world by the tail and abused it. Karma dummy.

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