Prince Harry's Rumored Naked Video Will Put His Nude Photos to Shame


Prince HarryJust when we thought the hype over Prince Harry's nude photos taken in Vegas was finally starting to die down, new reports are coming out saying that those blurry cellphone photos of Harry's stark-white behind (hee hee hee) are only the tip of the iceberg. Yep -- you guessed it. Apparently there may be a video of Prince Harry's naked antics, which makes total sense, because most cellphone cameras also have a video function these days.

If someone were already taking naked photos of Harry, why on earth would they think twice about hitting record and capturing his scandalous behavior on tape? And according to one source, "There have been some very quiet inquiries to see how much the video is worth." (Um, yeah. Of COURSE this person is looking to make a profit if the video actually does exist.)

The same source told Radar Online:

There are many powerful people who don’t want this video to go public and that is one reason why the seller is being so discreet right now. This video could generate an enormous privacy lawsuit but it could also make the seller rich.

And there you have it. Sure, as of now, the existence of the video is just a rumor, but c'mon -- the claims have to be true, right? If the people Harry partied with were able to take photos, then they just as easily could've shot a video. And I guess that begs the question of what exactly is on this supposed video. The source says, "A lot went on in that hotel room that night, that much is for sure." (Hmm. Interesting.)

One thing's for sure -- if this thing does turn up, the royals are going to do everything in their power to get their hands on it as quickly as possible to make sure it doesn't wind up all over the Internet like the photos did. Those images were embarrassing enough, and the last thing they need is to have millions of people witness the dashing young Prince's wild and crazy Vegas behavior in video form.

Holy moly. Can you even imagine how bad this scandal will explode if that video is real and somehow slips into the wrong hands and winds up going public? As carefree as he is, that would probably even be too much for Prince Harry to recover from.

Be honest, if this video does exist and pops up online, will you be able to resist your curiosity?


Image via John Pannell/Flickr

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rhps2000 rhps2000

I don't see how any of this could be worse than the time he wore a Nazi costume to a party. It would be worse if he was a girl. Instead of just being labeled the wild one, she would be branded a slut and hounded forever.

Brian Banks

Today's media now enters your bedroom and thinks that that's news well you all should go to prison for invasion of privacy the person who took the pictures clearly broke the law and should be charged. The media who dramatize this should be fined, charged and have there media passes revoked at all major events. it is purely an invasion of privacy to enter someones bedroom and report on it.

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