'Mad Men' Season 6 Teasers: What's in Store for Don Draper & Co.?

don draper in season finale fiveIt's pretty much a guarantee that whenever Don Draper isn't gracing us with his presence on AMC, we Mad Men fans are completely on edge, awaiting the next season. Because season five was up in the air and then held up by endless negotiations, the wait was even worse than usual. Thankfully, we know Mad Men season six is a sure thing.

What's more, although creator Matthew Weiner is usually tight-lipped about what the future holds for the show, he recently revealed a few amaaazing developments we have to look forward to! Warning: Don't read on if you want to remain in the dark on what the sixth season (and beyond!) will bring Don & Co.!


1. Peggy will return. Despite bidding Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce adieu last season and taking a gig at another agency, we don't have to worry that Elisabeth Moss won't be reprising her role as the increasingly Miss Independent Olson. Weiner told TV Line that Peggy "is going to be on the show next year. I can't say how much, in what capacity or what [her story] is going to be, but she has not left the show." 

Recalling when Don and Betty were clearly headed for a divorce, Weiner said, "Everyone was like, 'I guess January Jones is off the show,' and I was like, 'Why would she be?' I never understood that." Maybe it's because when people have left SDCP in the past, they've been gone for good, Matt?! He acknowledged that while that has been the case in the past, "I will spoil that one tiny piece of anticipation and tell people that Elisabeth will be showing up to work." Awesome!

2. Megan will likely still be a presence in season six. Acknowledging that fans weren't big on Megan to begin with -- "People just hated her. They were like, 'She's manipulative! Is he really going to marry her? Hopefully she'll be gone.'" -- Weiner explained that, "No, this is this guy's second marriage, and he's going to take it seriously." That said, we can be sure Megan's not going anywhere anytime soon. (Well, except maybe to Hollywood ...)

3. But Don's fidelity is probably up in the air. In the season five finale, we saw Don walk away from Megan on the set of her first big acting gig, step into a bar, and get sidled up to by a hot babe who asks our leading man, "Are you alone?" Gotta wonder if this is a hint that he's going to stray ... Weiner's take:

I think it's a fleeting glimpse. I can't tell you where we're going, but I definitely think when you hear that question, Are you alone? it's not just, Are you going to start cheating on this woman? We've seen how faithful he's been.

Interesting, but I'll venture to guess he'll return to his old, doggin' ways!

4. Season seven is a go! We've always assumed hoped the show would go through the end of the '60s, now we have concrete proof that there will be a season seven, which I'd guess will take place in 1969. Weiner confirms:

There will be a Season 7. Jon Hamm is signed on for it, I'm signed on for it ... I think Season 7 has already been internationally sold ... It's going to happen.

Far out, man. After his experience with psychedelics last season, I'd put my money on Roger totally going to Woodstock.

What are you most psyched to see in the coming seasons of Mad Men?


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