'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: LuAnn Cheats & Carole Radziwill's Past With George Clooney Is Revealed?

Real Housewives of New YorkTonight The Real Housewives of New York City hit St. Barths and started tearing up the place immediately. Sonja Morgan was drunk pretty much the entire time; Heather Thomson was walking into glass walls; and Ramona Singer spent most of the time whining that Mario wasn't there. Meanwhile LuAnn de Lesseps was obsessed with a French Johnny Depp look-alike named Thomas. Seriously, HOW many times did she say Johnny Depp?

By all accounts, after wooing him with the fact that she's an Indian, she brought him home from a local club for a little pirate booty call. LuAnn actually brought him to Heather's room (why?), and Heather saw him, while everyone else heard her speaking French to another French-speaking male in the wee hours of the morning. "I was awoken in the middle of the night by two male voices ... one was LuAnn's," Carole Radziwill deadpanned brilliantly.

While The Countess kept insisting she brought home a group of Italians who were old friends, she busted herself during a telephone conversation with a friend in which she asked for help covering up the fact that Thomas was there. Forget about that mic, LuAnn? She's so self-centered and narcissistic it's no big shock that she'd cheat, but I can't believe how blatant and stupid she was about it. Who knows what happened, but clearly something or she wouldn't have been trying to cover it up. Wonder what Jacques will think.

It will be interesting to see what happens next week when it looks like Sonja is going to try to take her turn with Thomas. Will The Countess get territorial? We shall see.

All of that drama paled, however, next to a tiny bit of information Sonja dropped about Carole. As they watched her run into the waves, Sonja said, "Look at the ass on Carole. No wonder Clooney did her for a year.

Excuse me? Clooney? Did she just announce that Carole had some sort of long-term affair with George Clooney? Now that would be interesting. She's certainly beautiful and charming and cool enough for it to be true (they don't call her "Cool Carole" for nothing), but how could this just be coming to light now? Enquiring minds want details. The only response from Carole so far was a coy tweet: "I don't kiss and tell but if I did tell I'd say Clooney was a very good kisser". Hmmm?

Next week Aviva is expected to arrive with Reid in tow, and things look like they're going to get ugly. Can't wait.

Do you think LuAnn cheated with Thomas? Do you think Carole dated George Clooney?


Image via Bravo

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nonmember avatar micki

I should care WHY?????? It really does not matter, she is over 21 not married and knows what the issues are....so why does everyone else care?????????? And as far as the other one the princess, she is not someone who is that good looking, so leave her alone, its her life and if she has dated G. Clooney so be it, they are all 7 years old children especially those 2 old ladies, Sonja and Ramona, she would not sing w/the countess but she sure like to show that fattey body, she should have a body like the princess and Sonja she is just a big Joke, I wonder if they realize that everyone is really laughing at them, they are so pathoic and disgraceful and they both have children that will watch this later, shame on them......

nonmember avatar Mari

Cloooney with Carol? Must have been ages ago. The bitch has some nerve making comments about Luannes voice sounding like a man's, when she looks like a freaking transvestite herself!

Barbara J Counts

Affected is the word for Lulu, so egocentric. Sonja is pure white trash and you look it up in the dictionary and you will see her and bug-eyed Ramona's picture. Carole is a love and so is Aviva. Poor Heather, she will never be able to sink as low as to put up a good fight with Sonja and Ramona, write them off and forget them.

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