'Teen Mom' Finale Recap: Gary Needs to Stop Using Leah Against Amber

Gary & AmberThe series finale of Teen Mom was a heartbreaker, mostly because we know this is the last time we will see any of them in this capacity. The end came quickly and was bittersweet. We have seen so much of these girls, it's hard to say goodbye. On the other hand, it's time for them to move on.

The episode was also awful because Gary and Amber had the second worst fight of all time. She didn't hit him, but it was bad. We will get to that.

Before we discuss Gary and Amber, there were other little fires during Tuesday's finale. Tyler suddenly has a massive temper, which came out of left field, but it seems like there is no way they could have kept Carly and had everything be OK. He screamed at the dogs like they were willfully being bad. They are just dogs!

Meanwhile Ryan was finally ready to discuss getting more custody of Bentley with a lawyer. While I feel for Maci in this situation and it does seem like she is a good mom, she also needs to understand that Ryan is his dad and Bentley adores him. For better or worse.

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Farrah is probably the mom who has changed the most over the course of the show. She cried when she saw Sophia in the airport and obviously has gone from a teen who put herself first to a grown-up mom who ranks her daughter's needs as highly as her own. She is a success story. Whether she owes that to the immense help from her mom or not, the fact remains that she is by far the most changed of all the moms. So impressive.

Sadly, Amber hasn't been able to do the same. In many ways, it's as though she has become worse. In the beginning, she was at least a mom. Now it's boys and whining and drama pretty much 24/7. Even her voice is frustratingly whiny when she isn't baby-talking or sounding sleepy.

Of course the drama of the night came when Gary threatened to never let Amber see Leah. As much as I think Gary has stepped up to the plate for his child, using her against her mother is way below the belt. It's just unacceptable. Stop that, Gary!

Though we all know Amber is now in jail, I still think there is hope for her. Somehow, some time she has to pull it together. I have faith.

Boy am I going to miss these girls, but I am sure MTV will keep us posted.

Did this episode make you sad?


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nonmember avatar Kim Kirchhoff

Gary pushes n pushes her buttons. He I a sick twisted person who plays games n can't stand the taste of his own medicine. He's also quite disgusting outside and in an he was lucky to get a girl like Amber n drove her nuts! He's awful, he uses the kid as a tool to abuse Leah and she is trying to get he hea and life in order n stay away from Gary's negativity. I hope Gary gets hi karma. He will. Eventually.

Amand... Amanda0712

Gary needs to get some bigger shirts.  That is not muscle!  LOL.  Sorry, that was bothering me through the whole episode.

crzyc... crzycatlove

What Tyler did to that dog made me lose all respect for him. I know he's going through a lot and I feel for him and he has a better head on his shoulders than the other dads on the show but theres never an excuse to abuse an animal. Yelling, hitting and rubbing the dogs face in it's own shit is sick especially on a puppy who doesn't know better. This episode def proved adoption was the right choice. Glad this shows over, I enjoyed watching it but it'll be way better for the kids and parents to not have cameras and publicity all the time.

Tripl... TripleC14

Ryan 100% does not deserve more time with Bentley. He's just seeking joint custody out of spite and that in nd of itself shows he's not fit for the task. I hope there are update shows to come!

nonmember avatar jj166

Ryan needed to try to get his time with Bentley legalized a long time ago. Good or bad, Ryan is the only father that Bentley has and Maci needs to accept that. Ryan has never (to our knowledge) left the boy alone where he could be harmed or harmed the boy. Yes he may leave his child with his parents but if the grandparents aren't complaining then why should we.

Farrah is growing up a bit but I still think that she is so disrespectful to her parents when they go out of their way to help her. And that to me is just sickening. She should realize that the way she treats her mother is the way her daughter will treat her. Children learn from examples.

Tyler's temper has flared up recently but he is under a lot of stress. He has had to grow up rather quickly not just because he got someone pregnant but because he has been worrying about his father the way one would do a child. And I don't know one person who hasn't yelled when a pet has pooped on the floor.

Amber and Gary are just a car wreck. Granted Gary shouldn't have told Amber that she would never see Leah again, Amber needs to realize what comes out of her mouth as well. You can't speak to someone recklessly and expect them to remain civil with you.

jessi... jessicasmom1

Yes  never use people against others that is totally wrong on all levels 

nonmember avatar kaerae

Ryan doesn't have any interest in Bentley, it's his parents who want custody, not him.

nonmember avatar Christie

Tyler and Catelynn are my fav. and yes Tyler got out of hand a little when he took the puppy outside, and he NEVER rubbed the dogs nose in it just put the nose up to it so the dog knew what it was being punished for and tons of people I know do and have done that it's called house-training, but what I loved was that he noticed his temper was out of hand and got help for it I know many boys who claim to be men who would never notice, admit to, or seek help for their bad tempers.

Ryan SUCKS and yes it does matter that he's not with Bentley during his visitation. Bentley has a great mother who loves him and wants to devote every second of her life to him, if Ryan can't do the same then she should have primary custody. I also think it's shady that all of a sudden he's concerned that Kyle and Maci were living together. If he'd had a real true and honest problem with it he'd have tried to put a stop to it from the beginning not just after his poor little girlfriend got mad at Maci. I hope the family court judge was smart enough to pick up on that too. If you are truly concerned for your kids safety you step up right away and get a change made you don't wait months to do it.

nonmember avatar Christie

And Farrah gets the most-improved award, but she still does have a lot of growing to do.

Amber (aside from what we already know happens) really concerned me this episode. One minute she's alone or with Leah then all of a sudden there's this guy there in her bed and in her family business, how long had she known that guy, and who the h*ll was he.

I get where it came off as Gary using Leah but I can't help but wonder if it was just edited that way for the show. It looked like he was against this other guy being in the house with Leah and I don't disagree Amber has not shown the best judgement with all of that. The last guy that she had in her life met Leah right away and within a few days was changing diapers and watching Leah while Amber slept. Not good for Leah and then as quick as he came he was gone. And Amber ALWAYS looks high.

nonmember avatar Sarah

It was sad. I do look forward to the show but agree that it has to end. Hope they do a "Where Are They Now" every few years. Amber and Gary need to get away from each other. I commend Farrah for doing what was best for Sophia and herself. Letting her stay with her mother during school was smart. She could have easily been out partying or wasting that time away. Maci and Ryan should get back together. Yeah Ryan acted/was a jerk a few years back but he seems to have changed? Would love for it to work out for all 3 of them. Kyle seems awesome but you can't force love.

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